Bing Crosby ads & commercials: See how the legendary singer pitched dozens of products during the 40s, 50s & 60s

Bing Crosby's La-Z-Boy recliner gave him that relaxed feelin' (1967)

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An amazing variety of Bing Crosby ads

Entertainment icon Bing Crosby probably needs no introduction.

And while you may think of celebrity endorsements as a more recent trend in advertising, that’s clearly not the case, as you can see in these ads from the 40s, 50s & 60s featuring none other than Mr White Christmas himself.

Bing Crosby Christmas songs on the General Electric FM Radio (1944)

Bing Crosby Christmas songs on the General Electric FM Radio (1944)
Bing Crosby ads: General Electric FM Radio

Good listening… Bing Crosby and a Philco radio (1946)

Every Wednesday night, Philco brings you Bing Crosby on “Philco Radio Time,” his one and only radio show. A Philco radio-phonograph with the patented Dynamic Reproducer and other exclusive achievements of Philco research brings you his glorious records as well as his program at their best.

For good listening, enjoy America’s greatest singing personality on a Philco.

Good listening... Bing Crosby and a Philco radio (1946)
Bing Crosby ads: Philco radio

Bing Crosby for Fleer’s gum, explaining “How to handle teen-agers” (1946)

Bing Crosby, starring in Paramount’s new hit film “Blue Skies” in Technicolor

by Bing Crosby (alias “Der Bingle”)

“Teensters are positively people! Try to remember, they have a lotta problems… mainly parents. When their jive talk gives you the heebie-jeebies, and their rootin’-tootin’ clothes (Look who’s talking!) make you despair for ‘civilization’… better bear up and shut up. They’ll grow up and get over it, even as you and I.

“Scratch most teen-agers and you’ll find a solid citizen. And when they sound off with ideas for improving the world we made… well, maybe us parents could learn sumpin if we’d stop snooting the kids and listen.”

Bing’s message is one of a series presented by Fleer’s to promote better understanding among families, friends and nations.

Teen-agers and parents both agree that Fleer’s Gum is mighty fine gum. Try it and you’ll see why there’s a trend to candy-coated… and why Fleer’s leads the trend. Extra flavor. 

Bing Crosby for Fleer's gum, explaining How to handle teen-agers (1946)
Bing Crosby ads: Fleer’s gum

Bing Crosby trims a friendship tree with Scotch tape for Christmas (1950)

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Bing Crosby trims a friendship tree with Scotch tape for Christmas 1950
Bing Crosby ads: Scotch tape

“Star-Kist is the tuna for me” Says Bing Crosby (1950)

Bing Crosby for Star-Kist Tuna (1950)

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Bing Crosby Animated Minute Maid Spot (1954)

YouTube video

Bing Crosby for the Philco-Bendix gas dryer (1957)

“Make it a White Christmas! Give her a Gas appliance!”

MORE: See inside Bing Crosby’s house from 1950 for some classic celebrity style

Bing Crosby for the Philco-Bendix gas dryer (1957)
Bing Crosby ads: Philco-Bendix gas dryer

Bing Crosby sings about Oldsmobile (1959)

Don’t miss young Florence Henderson at the end of this song! (Plus see Florence Henderson: There was so much more to her than just the Brady Bunch)

YouTube video

Singer Bing Crosby for the Remington Roll-A-Matic shaver (1959)

Bing sings: “Oh that Roll-A-Matic, Oh that Roll-A-Matic. Adjusts to every kind of beard and skin… makes you wish you had a double chin.”

Singer Bing Crosby for the Remington Roll-A-Matic shaver (1959)
Bing Crosby ads: Remington Roll-A-Matic shaver

Bing Crosby promotes the 3M Thermo-Fax Copier (1964)

Check out more copiers: Vintage copy machines: See the kinds of old photocopiers that offices used to have

YouTube video

Bing Crosby says, “My La-Z-Boy gives me that relaxed feelin’ after a day of golf.” (1967)

Take the advice of the ol’ master of relaxation, Bing Crosby… take a comfort break in a La-Z-Boy Reclina-Rocker.

It’s a haven for restful relaxation… reading… TV viewing, or just plain doin’ nothin’ in. You’ve never had it so good until you’ve enjoyed an evening of relaxed comfort in your very own La-Z-Boy.

The little woman will find her chair, too, among the many attractive styles in Contemporary, Traditional, Early American and Modern… she can select the style that will best match the decor of her home.

Visit your authorized La-Z-Boy dealer … he’ll show you hundreds of decorator colors and fabrics treated with Scotchgard Fabric Protector.

Football legend Joe Namath for La-Z-Boy's recliner chairs, and tossing around a little innuendo
Bing Crosby's La-Z-Boy gives him that relaxed feelin' (1967)
Bing Crosby ads: La-Z-Boy recliner

Bing Crosby tunes on the “Songs of Christmas” album (1967)

Get this special value… BING CROSBY album: “Songs of Christmas” form your authorized La-Z-boy dealer

All your favorite Christmas songs are here in one attractive album… as only Bing can sing them. You and your family can now enjoy this beautiful and timeless Christmas collection by asking your authorized dealer about his “special value” offer. Don’t wait… send this coupon today… for FREE color literature showing LaZBoy’s complete line of Reclina-Rockers.

A product of Decca Records Custom Department – A division of MCA, Inc.

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Bing Crosby album - Songs of Christmas
Bing Crosby ads: La-Z-Boy recliners
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