Tappan Time Machines for your kitchen (1960s)

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Tappan Time Machines for your kitchen (1966)

If you don’t have enough time, maybe you don’t have enough Tappan Time Machines

Cook on paper plates? Yes, in the incredible Tappan Electronic Range. It uses microwaves to bake cakes in 3 minutes, cook 5-lb. roasts in 30 minutes. Food never sticks or burns. Cooks so fast flavor can’t get out (but you can — this kitchen wonder saves hours every day).

Gang of guests? Cook a meal for 30 in this Tappan Electric Range. It’s got the biggest oven of any 30-inch range. Big Visualite oven window lets you see what’s cooking, Tappan Vent Hood whisks away cooking odors.

Double up your cooking with a Tappan Double Oven Gas Range. Two ovens save you time — and who ever heard of food sticking to Teflon-coated oven liners? Just pull them out and swish clean in the sink. Then play with the cat.

Tappan Time Machines kitchen appliances(1966)

Save shopping trips. Tappan’s Twin-Temp Combo Refrigerator-Freezer is a 21- cubic foot supermarket right in your kitchen. Stores 109 meals, fits a space just 36 inches wide. Decorator trim kit offers unlimited possibilities. Match the refrigerator to your cabinets or insert a variety of colorful laminates (Idea: add a blackboard!) And no defrosting, ever.

Dishes come clean in a Tappan Reversa-Jet Dishwasher, no scraping or pre-rinsing necessary. A Tappan gets sticky food most dishwashers miss, because reversing spray arms wash dishes on both sides (like you’d do it by hand).

If you’ve got better things to do than wash dishes, get a Tappan built-in dishwasher you can match to Tappan kitchen cabinets. Or a Convertible-Portable —  the full-size portable you can build in later. (A Tappan Food Waste Disposer will complete your time-saving kitchen full of Time Machines.)

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Tappan introduces the Time Machines

1965 Tappan Time Machines - Kitchen appliances



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  1. My mother has the double ovens that are attached to the range as indicated int he article below. I would love to get her another one. Do you make this type of oven anymore (oven on the top, range and oven below)?



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