Pink & yellow kitchens of the fifties


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Sometimes, it just wasn’t enough for homeowners of the 1950s to decorate the kitchen with just yellow (such as butter, sunny and canary yellow) or only pink (colors named Mayfair pink, blossom and frosting pink).

They had to combine them, creating a sort of pastel buttermint effect that — based on the color scheme’s popularity — must have seemed absolutely charming at the time.

New kitchen is study in pastel hues (1953)

If you’re puzzling over a kitchen color scheme, here’s help.

The current trend toward pastels in the room where the homemaker spends most of her working time. Records of the Tile Council of America show that, of the range of around 200 colors in clay tile, homemakers and interior decorators most often select a soft tint for the kitchen.

There are two reasons for this: women prefer dainty shades by reason of being feminine themselves. And such colors psychologically are right and restful.

Before the widespread adoption of tile, delicate colors were not practical for the room where steam, food stains, and grease are prevalent. Now anything goes in decoration for the kitchen. – Arizona Republic (Phoenix, Arizona) – October 4, 1953

Pink and yellow kitchen (1951)

Youngstown Kitchens 1951 pink yellow

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Yellow Republic Steel kitchen with pink accents (1956)

Praise-winning kitchens. by Republic Steel Corporation 1956 pink yellow

Terracotta, pink and yellow kitchen decor (1957)

Pink and yellow kitchen 1957

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Yellow and pink kitchen design from St Charles Kitchens (1957)

Here is truly a trend-setting kitchen in both color and layout. Happy is the housewife who prepares her meals on this island cooking center with her four Revco Bilt-In units so conveniently located in the lovely setting of ceramic tile.

Two Revco Refrigerators and two Freezers, all at eye and arm level, abundantly provide fresh and frozen foods right at the food preparation center, in this charming kitchen.

Center island, with easy-to-clean ceramic tile surface, holds cooking surface units. Below is generous cupboard space. Not illustrated are other built-in appliances with spacious counters above. The Revco Bilt-Ins are custom color-matched to the Blossom Pink Geneva steel cabinets-one of 25 Revco custom colors available.

Your kitchen and you St. Charles Kitchens 1957 yellow pink

Geneva Modern Kitchens (1958)

Separated from the dining room by the stove is the kitchen, with shades of pink pointed up with upper cabinetry in a muted mustard tone.

Geneva Modern Kitchens 1958 pink yellow

Youngstown vintage ’50s steel kitchen (1955)


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