20 retro window decor ideas for curtains & drapes from the ’60s

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Bright, breezy easy windows - Home decor from 1963 (2)

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Expert advice on window coverings: Good looks are built-in and pre-planned (1965)

Retro window decor tips from American Home – June 1965

Hardly a week goes by without a letter that reads: “No matter how hard I try, my rooms never look as pretty as the ones you show in your magazine.”

Experts agree that the worst trouble spots in most rooms are the windows, the sofa, and the coffee table. Sofa pillows sink down into a dispirited mass, coffee-table tops are a lackluster assortment of objects. Curtains and draperies, they find, are usually skimpy, often too long or too short for perfect fit. 

Curtains & drapes Expert advice for home decor from the sixties

Our window-treatment expert is Denny Carter of Conso Products, Inc. Says she, “Be sure your window shades hang level and even at all your windows. Always buy an extra pair of curtains; the fuller they hang, the better.”

If you want draperies with a trim, tailored look like ours, pin each pleat vertically at the bottom hem. Tie together carefully with a light cord and let “set” for four to five days. Tie-back draperies must be weighted along entire hemline, with heavier weights in the corners.

Fabric valances and swags like these are easier to keep clean than fabric-covered wooden ones. Cafe curtains are easy to hang, easily maintained. Weighted hems help. Just steam the ball fringe over a kettle of water to insure fluffiness.

More retro window treatments from the sixties

Vintage window coverings from 1966 (4)

Vintage home decor and window treatment inspiration from 1960

Vintage window coverings from 1966 (1)

Vintage window coverings from 1966 (2)

Vintage window coverings from 1966 (3)

Bright, breezy easy windows: 12 new ways to decorate with window shades (1963)

Chintz curtains, like motherhood, have always been taken for granted as part of the American homemaker’s life. But, like motherhood, curtains can be a lot of bother.

Lately, a host of alternates have turned up — and here are a dozen new ways to decorate windows, all handsome and breezy and easy to care for. The patterned window shades control light and privacy as well as solid color ones, are good looking enough to be used without curtains.

Venetian blinds come in a wide range of colors, or the slats can be covered with any fabric. Roman blinds, which hang in deep pleats, and vertical Venetian blinds, can also be made of any material.

Bright, breezy easy window shades from 1963

In the row above, from left, are: A floral printed Venetian blind which can match upholstery used in the room; a trompe l’oeil shade made to look like heavy shirring; a candy stripe shade suitable for a kitchen; brightly-painted wooden shutters; a pastel-print Roman blind, and a vertical blind in tones of blue.

Below, from left, are a black and white pattern shade with heavy silk taffeta; a shade that pulls up from the bottom, providing privacy but allowing you to view out; a brilliantly-colored Venetian blind with contrasting tapes; an animal print shade; a shade decorated with a knight; a window covered with translucent adhesive stained glass paper, which sticks directly to the panes and is best for stairwell or hall window.

These cost from $25 for the striped shade to $100 for the custom blinds, made by the Holland Shade Co. But shades can now be made at home by immersing a fabric in new vinyl solutions that both give it body and make it washable. An ingenious housewife can then cut it out and attach it to the existing window shade roller.

See 40 stylish vintage window coverings from the '50s

Bright, breezy easy windows: 12 new ways to decorate (1963)

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