This is new luscious new Dream Whip (1959)

This is new…

…luscious new Dream Whip is low in cost, low in calories — only 17 per serving. Comes a box, stays fresh on your shelf, needs no refrigeration. You can fix Dream Whip any time, too — won’t wilt, won’t separate, keeps for days. Keep Dream Whip handy on your shelf and enjoy light and gay desserts every day.

Light and lovely Dream Whip makes your pies and puddings twice as fancy. Stays fresh in the refrigerator, too.

Cherry Dream Cake is the easiest dessert ever! Simply layers of sponge cake… chopped cherries… luscious new Dream Whip.

Snowy Pears — with Jell-O. Pear halves… soft Jell-O gelatin spooned on …and new Dream Whip. Calories? Hardly any.

Dream Whip on anything costs so little. Like on gingerbread. Heap it high — the budget can take it.

1959-light and lovely Dream Whip

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