Old Fitzgerald Candlelight decanters: The whiskey bottle that became a candleholder

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Old Fitzgerald Candlelight decanters (1955-1956)

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Back in the ’50s, some Old Fitz whiskey bottles came with self-serving glass jiggers and removable golden candelabras – what they called the Old Fitzgerald Candlelight decanters.

Genuine Old Fitzgerald candlelight decanter (1955)

Blended Bourbon by Stitzel-Weller… none finer to gladden the throat of man!

Decanter styled by the famous Walter Landor… to give high-fashion flair to an old-fashioned whiskey!

Both yours in this beautiful new decanter, endlessly versatile in its decorative after-uses, most likely to be appreciated by those hardest to please… the final choice of mature tastes.

Candlelight decanter costs no more than regular fifth… your key to hospitality

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Genuine Old Fitzgerald candlelight decanter (Nov 1955)

Old Fitzgerald in the new twin Candlelight decanter (1956)

With self-serving glass jigger and removable golden candelabra

The best of the new… in Walter Landor’s inspired new design, a decorator’s delight! 

The best of the old.. in the unique flavor of Bonded OLD FITZ, oak-ripened the original Kentucky sour mash way. Buy it, give it, serve it, with satisfaction.


Old Fitzgerald in the new twin Candlelight decanter (October 1956)

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