Look back at vintage California wines from the 40s & 50s

Looking back at vintage California wines from the 40s-50s

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Spark up mealtimes with California wines! (1956)

Today, do this: Have a glass of California Sherry as you relax before the meal… or a Burgundy, Sauterne or Rose, in your cooking and on your table… or a California Port after your meal… and you’ve got the easy recipe for good living — just pour, sip and enjoy!

California’s versatile, economical wines are for all America, anytime… Let wine spark up your mealtime, every day. 

Spark up mealtimes with California wines (1956)

Vintage California Port Wine ad from 1949

Port Wine! Costs so little… adds so much.

Serve rich full-bodied Port wine is an old and honored way of saying “welcome.” And nowadays Port is being served in more and more homes — more and more often.

For Port wine fits so well into today’s way of living. lt adds so much to the warmth and friendship you want when folks come visiting. And since it costs only a few cents a glass to serve, Port wine helps you entertain smartly and all keep within your budget.

Port is one of the great wines of California — the wines favored by seven out of eight American families. The cool coastal hillsides and the warm valleys of California give ideal soil and climate to over 125 famous wine-grape vintners.

Vintage port wine ad from 1949

The Wines of California ad (1955)

Something exciting happens to brighten the flavor of food when you add good, sound California Wines to your recipes, and when you serve California Wines regularly on your table.

Enjoy the one you like best, without waiting for special occasions or bothering about the formalities of what wines to serve with certain foods… Never worry about special glassware, either.

And with all the pleasure California Wines give in your home, you will be delighted to find they are so very reasonable in cost — just a few cents a glass.

1955 California wines

California Wine — friendly as a New Year’s call (1940s)

Wine is made for the moderate, relaxing occasions we all need nowadays.

As often as you can these days, drop in on your friends, or ask neighbors over to your house. Share some talk and a bit of food with them. Ease up.

It’s one of the better ways, you’ll find, to keep up good morale and good cheer. With many people, wine is a favorite when gathering together this way. Because over good food and wine everyone can relax in moderation, and enjoy himself.

That’s what wine is made for — to help bring out friendship. And nothing is easier than to serve wine in your home.

Next time friends drop in, bring on this fragrant, full-bodied Port wine. It’s good with fruitcake, sandwiches, or cheese sticks — and equally good served this easy way are Sherry and Muscatel. With dinner or luncheon, or course, you’ll prefer a lighter table wine like the hearty red Burgundy or the golden delicate-flavored Sauterne.

California wine for New Year - 1940s

Fun with wine – Almaden wines (1958)

Appetizing, refresing, crisp and cold…

Dry Sherry, especially Almaden Solera Cocktail Sherry, belongs in the refrigerator. Even your staunch Martini drinkers will go for it if it’s iced. Made by the slow Spanish process, solera-blended, aged in small oak butts, very pale, bone dry.

Easy does it… and easy is good.

About the easiest wine in the world, and easily one of the most popular, is Almaden Grenache Rose. The hardest thing about it is the name — say Atmo-dén Gren-ash Rose-A. Pink and fresh and charming, easy to serve (just chill and pour) it’s ONE wine that goes with everything.

Little party or big occasion…

Nothing is ever quite as festive as Champagne. For the gay evening, the big moment, Almaden Brut. Many experts call it this country’s best.

Made in California’s Santa Clara foothills by the traditional French process — the méthode champenoise.

Fun with wine - Almaden wines 1958

Wine lends a hand to wartime cooks (1943)

Good cheer is a weapon, too! And perhaps the best of all places to build cheer is at your own dinner table, sharing food with your friends.

So invite people to your house often. There are many grand-eating main dishes that will keep a watchful eye on your ration points. Nourishing war dishes that rake on extra delicacy of flavor when a little wine is used in the cooking!

You not only make these dishes with wine, you serve the same good wine at table. An ages-old custom for building morale, it’s hard to improve upon today.

Wine Advisory Board ads from 1943 - Wartime (2)

Wartime Wine Advisory Board ads from 1943

Wine changes war dishes into “food for kings”.

The day’s tension seems to ease off when folks we’re fond of come to dinner. Over food and friendly talk, we can’t help relaxing… the very sharing of good food refreshes us.

You’ll find you need to use but few ration points to turn out wartime dishes your friends enjoy, for out of the emergency of war have come many excellent low-ration-point recipes. 

Each of these main dishes boasts a special touch from wine used in the cooking. Note, too, each dish is served with moderate glasses of the same wine the recipe calls for… that’s for good cheer.

Wine Advisory Board ads from 1943 - Wartime (1)

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