Airplane emergency info booklet (1956)

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This little pamphlet was given to passengers onboard Pan Am’s double-decker “Strato” clipper propeller-driven airplane (Boeing 377, aka Stratocruiser) to instruct them on what to do in the event of an emergency. Although 56  of these planes were in service, these instructions were needed on several occasions. In fact, these Stratrocruiser aircraft suffered 13 hull-loss accidents between 1951 and 1970 — meaning the loss of 140 lives. The plane she actually took on the first leg of her trip, however, crashed a year later. Read about it here: Hawaii-bound airliner crashes into ocean with 44 aboard (1957).

Fortunately for me, my mother not only survived her flights in 1956, she kept the emergency instructions in her scrapbook for posterity. – NJP

Emergency instructions for your safety

Just in case…
Airplane emergency info booklet (1956)

Airplane emergency info booklet (1956)

Airplane emergency info booklet (1956)

Airplane emergency info booklet (1956)

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