Remember 1970s Captain Kangaroo songs personalized with your name?

1970s vintage Captain Kangaroo records personalized with your name

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Who had one of these “My Name Records” when they were kids? We found a few vintage covers from personalized “Kidsname records” — 45-RPM singles that were for sale back in the ’70s, featuring kids’ television star Captain Kangaroo.

Each one contained four songs, including a spelling tune and a birthday song. Take a look back — and have a listen!

Child’s name on Captain Kangaroo songs (1978)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin (Hawaii) August 13, 1978

With school about to start, it’s sort of traumatic for the little ones still too young to go, when they find their brothers and sisters off to new learning experiences and adventures. It’s a nice time to let them know you think they’re very special, too, and a Kidsname Record is just the thing to do it with.

Beautifully done by none other than Captain Kangaroo, each record has the child’s own name sung in the four songs that make up each record. For gifts at any time, one of these very personal records will delight any child — an ideal birthday gift.

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There are 78 common names — boys’ and girls — now available, and more being added quarterly. There are some not-so-common names as well — Melissa, Vicki, Tracy, Stacy, Jennifer and Heidi, for example; and, among the boys’ names are Jeffrey, Todd, Craig, and others not usually found in name-oriented products.

The records are priced at $2.95 each, and that includes sales tax, free mailer and shipping to anywhere you wish to send them… The sound fidelity is very good, the packaging colorful and cute, printed with the child’s name, and at the top is the message: “If your name is Sharon (your child’s name), this is your very own record. Your name is on every song!”

Kidsname Records: Nancy’s personalized record

If your name is Nancy, this is your very own record! Your name is on every song!

Captain Kangaroo - IF YOUR NAME IS NANCY personalized vintage record

Dear Nancy

This is one of the nicest ideas in records. All four songs are about your name, including a birthday party song and a spelling song of your own name. It’s your very own record — and I’m sending it to you!!!! Love, Captain Kangaroo

A KENRO production concept – Performed by The Marantz Family – Words and music by Vic Marantz – Produced by “Bugs” Bower – Associate Producer: Ken Rosenblum – Tape Editor: Paul Cornomos – Design: Frank Daniel – Art: Mahan

My Name records – a product of Pickwick International, Inc.

Vintage Captain Kangaroo records personalized with your name - Nancy

KidsName Records presents THE PERFECT BIRTHDAY GIFT (1977-1978)


Each record features 4 fantastic songs with that special child’s name in each catchy tune. Record jacket also has a personal note to the child from TV’s famous Captain Kangaroo.

SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THAT FANTASTIC KID! Including sales tax, postage and free mailer. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money returned. Allow 7 – 10 day delivery. Only $2.95. Order right now. Every kid wants a Kidsname Record! 

GIRL NAMES: Amy, Ann, Barbara, Beverly, Carol, Christine, Cindy, Dawn, Deborah, Donna, Heather, Heidi, Janet, Jennifer, Jessica, Judy, Julie, Karen, Kathryn, Kim, Laura, Linda, Lisa, Maria, Mary, Melissa, Michelle, Nancy, Nicole, Pamela, Patricia, Randy, Sandra, Sharon, Stacy, Stephanie, Susan, Tammy, Tracy, Vicki

BOY NAMES: Adam, Andrew, Anthony, Brad, Brian, Charles, Christopher, Craig, Daniel, David, Donald, Douglas, Eric, James, Jason, Jeffrey, Jeremy, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Keith, Kenneth, Kevin, Lawrence, Mark, Matthew, Michael, Patrick, Randy, Richard, Robert, Roberto, Scott, Steven, Thomas, Timothy, Todd, William, Peter

The Honolulu Advertiser (Honolulu, Hawaii)30 Jul 1978, SunPage 165 i

1970s personalized name songs for Sandra

Captain Kangaroo personalized record - Sandra

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Retro KidsName record from the 70s: Matthew/Matt

Captain Kangaroo personalized record - Matthew - Matt

1970s Captain Kangaroo personalized records for Eric & Jonathan/Jon

eric jonathan records vintage singles

Listen to the Richard/Dick name songs from these retro records

Here’s what one of these old records sounded like, with songs that included classic lines like, “What do we have at Dick’s party? Happy birthday, Dick — your birthday is today, hey!”

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  1. My Son Mark got a 45RPM Birthday Record from Captain Kangaroo circa mid 1970’s. His Grandma bought it for him. We played it on his birthday every year of his life (so fun) I still have it, Mark died last October and today is his birthday.The first since he died at age 44. I played it this morning, I’ll play it every year until I die. Thanks Captain

  2. My son Mark had the same record when he was 4 or 5. His grandmom got it for him too! I wish I had taken better care and thought to bring it out to play on his birthdays. He now has a son, Mark, Jr. and I would love to have a copy made for his second birthday. His father loved that 45 and made us play it everyday for MONTHS after his birthday. I think his son, my grandson, would cherish it just as much. Thank you for sharing your memory!

  3. any body know If I can get a copy of a personalized birthday song my son turns 40 this yr and want to surprise him I seemed to have lost his

  4. I’m looking for Jeffrey. My son is now 55 and still reminisces about this record when his birthday comes around. I’m afraid his dog really did eat his record and jacket 46 years ago. I’ve been looking ever since!

  5. I’ve been looking for a replacement for the one I had growing up. My sister bullied me with it, so I broke it in half and tossed it out. Now I want it back.

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