Are mothers too easy on their kids? Public opinion from 1940

The Inquirer inquires Are modern mothers too lenient in raising their children

The Inquirer inquires: Are modern mothers too lenient in raising their children?

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TODAY’S QUESTION: Are modern mothers too lenient in raising their children?

SUBMITTED BY: Mrs EJ Morey, 427 N. Walnut St., West Chester, Pennsylvania

WHERE ASKED: 20th St. and Hunting Park Ave.

Are mothers too easy on their kids? What people said in 1940

Are mothers too easy on their kids?

2011 Fairmount Ave. – Unemployed

“No. I don’t think they’re entirely too lenient. In these modern times, even the children need more freedom to live properly. I think the children today get the best of care. Modern mothers have competent physicians and science to look to. for the care of their children. There are some mothers who go to extremes and spoil their children. On an average, the children today get even better care than the children years ago.”

3824 N. Gratz St. – Dyer

“Yes, they are too lenient. Children today aren’t being raised like they were in the old days. They get too much their own way. Parents today are spoiling them. Crime is on the increase. That shows you what leniency will do for children. The good old-fashioned way of raising children is still a good way. I often wonder why parents won’t use that method to raise better children.”

4821 N. 12th St. – Cashier

“I don’t believe they are. I feel that children benefit from the leniency they get from their parents. All the parents are trying to do today is to give their children the opportunities they didn’t get a generation ago. I feel that instead of being too lenient with their children, parents today are generous. They want to give their children all they possibly can.”

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Kids today! Are mothers too lenient What they said in 1940

4436 N. 18th St. – Unemployed

“No. I don’t think so. Children are being raised properly today. They’re being raised to cope with times that have changed. Everything is streamlined today. It’s a streamlined age, and the children are the same way. Leniency and freedom are necessary for children today. It really does them more good than harm. I think it cultivates an individual ambition in every child.”

Collingswood, NJ – Sales promotionist

“Frankly, I feel that children would have much more respect for their elders if they were not given as much freedom. Parents today are spoiling their children. A child can get unreasonable, and the parent does nothing about it. I don’t think the modern psychological way of caring for children can begin to compare with the old-fashioned method with its restrictions.”

1827 Butler St. – Accountant

“Times have changed. You must keep that in mind when you speak of parents and children. The majority of the parents give their children great latitude, because they find that’s one way for the children to fit into the modern world in which we live. Parents must divert their minds from the old-fashioned way of raising children, to give the youngsters an equal opportunity to grow up with others.”

Are mothers too easy on their kids? What people said in 1940

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