The New Packard with Torsion-Level Ride (1955)

The New Packard with Torsion-Level Ride

Greatest Ride Development in Automotive History

The New Packard with Torsion-Level Ride

Pride of possession — a gleam in the owner’s eye… ardent admiration — a gleam in other eyes… this is the impression the new Packard is making on owner and onlooker, alike!

Packard engineers, in common with Packard designers, had exclusiveness as their objective. For only Packard has Torsion-level Ride which eliminates coil and leaf springs… smooths the road… levels the load — automatically!

In other cars, the twisting forces of wheel shock are sent to the frame, creating pitch and bounce and wracking of the frame and body. In Packard, these same forces are transmitted along the new suspension system and absorbed before they reach frame or passengers. And an ingenious power-controlled levelizer keeps the new Packard always at “flight-level” regardless of load.

Packard owners can be proud of more than the ride. A new “free-breathing” V-8 engine, 275 horsepower in the Caribbean, 260 in all other models, delivers more driving force to the rear wheels, at all road speeds, than any other American passenger car engine. And new Packard Twin Ultramatic is the smooth., most alert of all automatic transmissions. Gracefully contoured and luxuriously appointed, here is the one new car in the fine car field.

Your Packard dealer will be happy to place the keys to a new Packard at your disposal … drive it and let the ride decide!

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