Vintage Ford pickup trucks from the ’80s

Vintage Ford pickup trucks from the 80s

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First new truck of the ’80s: Tough new 1980 Ford

Tough new 1980 Ford, with the best gas mileage ratings of any American-built standard-size pickup.

Ford totally redesigned its pickups to help meet the needs of the ’80s: 19 estimated MPG, 29 estimated highway! That’s not only the best mileage ratings of any full-size American- built pickup; it also rivals the best-selling small import! (Toyota: 21 estimated MPG, 28 estimated highway!)

Tough ’80s Fords give you more payload capacity than last year’s models with comparable GVWR’s. Exclusive Twin-I-Beam front suspension. Aerodynamic styling. A choice of models that includes 4×4’s with independent front suspension, rugged new Six-Wheeler, roomy new SuperCab.

For a tough, full-size pickup with gas mileage that rivals the best-selling import, see your Ford Dealer now!

America’s best-selling pickup for the 3rd straight calendar year.

All-new cab interior. More leg room than last year. New instrument panel. New anti-theft features like locking steering column, inside hood release. New options include AM/FM stereo with 8-track or cassette Player, underhood tool box.

First new truck of the '80s Tough new 1980 Ford

1985: 4x4xFord!

Only Ford gives you a choice of big and small 4×4 pickups with independent front suspension. And for ’85, Ford’s high-output engines make their performance even more exciting.

Ford’s responsive power gives you extra muscle off the road, extra pleasure wherever you drive. Strong reasons to choose the 4×4’s that lead all others in total sales.

New Ranger power. For ’85, Ranger has a new 2.3L 4-cylinder engine with electronic fuel injection, standard. Or, you can go with Ranger’s 2.8L V-6 for power no other small V-6 pickup can top.

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Vintage Ford pickup trucks from 1985 (1)

Some choice! More ’85 news: 5-speed manual over-drive is now standard with all engines, new 4-speed automatic overdrive trans-mission optional with V-6.

Big F-Series power. Ford’s big 4×4’s offer you a choice of five husky engines. Every one from standard 4.9L Six up leads its nearest competitor’s in Load-moving torque.

And the 5.8L High Output V-8 with 4-barrel carb gives you 45 more horsepower than Chevy’s mid-size V-8, Tough suspensions. Both big and small 4×4’s have Ford’s exclusive Twin-Traction-Beam front suspension.

Independent wheel action absorbs off-road jolts and helps keep wheels glued to the ground. Both give you Ford’s proven 4-wheel-drive system with manual or optional automatic locking hubs.

Biggest pickup choice. Pick short or long-bed Ranger. Or F-Series Regular Cab, exclusive SuperCab or 4-door Crew Cab — plus payloads big as 4,485 lb. Nobody else does so much to meet your needs! Best-Built American Trucks. At Ford, Quality is Job 1. 

Vintage Ford pickup trucks from 1985 (2)

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