Remember that time Elvis Presley asked President Nixon to make him a federal agent?

Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley in color

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On the morning of December 21, 1970, Elvis Presley personally delivered a handwritten letter to a security guard at the White House.

In the note, the rock star said he wanted to meet with the president to give him a gift… but also suggested he’d like to become a “federal agent at large” to help in the war on drugs. The next day, Presley got his meeting.

Elvis’s letter to President Richard Nixon (1970)

Dear Mr. President.

First, I would like to introduce myself. I am Elvis Presley and admire you and have great respect for your office. I talked to Vice President Agnew in Palm Springs three weeks ago and expressed my concern for our country. The drug culture, the hippie elements, the SDS, Black Panthers, etc. do not consider me as their enemy or as they call it the establishment. I call it America and I love it. Sir, I can and will be of any service that I can to help the country out. I have no concern or motives other than helping the country out.

So I wish not to be given a title or an appointed position. I can and will do more good if I were made a Federal Agent at Large and I will help out by doing it my way through my communications with people of all ages. First and foremost, I am an entertainer, but all I need is the Federal credentials. I am on this plane with Senator George Murphy and we have been discussing the problems that our country is faced with.

Elvis Presley in 1970

Sir, I am staying at the Washington Hotel, Room 505-506-507. I have two men who work with me by the name of Jerry Schilling and Sonny West. I am registered under the name of Jon Burrows. I will be here for as long as long as it takes to get the credentials of a Federal Agent. I have done an in-depth study of drug abuse and Communist brainwashing techniques and I am right in the middle of the whole thing where I can and will do the most good.

I am glad to help just so long as it is kept very private. You can have your staff or whomever call me anytime today, tonight, or tomorrow. I was nominated this coming year one of America’s Ten Most Outstanding Young Men. That will be in January 18 in my home town of Memphis, Tennessee. I am sending you the short autobiography about myself so you can better understand this approach. I would love to meet you just to say hello if you’re not too busy.


Elvis Presley

P.S. I believe that you, Sir, were one of the Top Ten Outstanding Men of America also.

I have a personal gift for you which I would like to present to you and you can accept it or I will keep it for you until you can take it.

Nixon meeting Elvis Presley and his associates, Jerry Schilling and Sonny West
At the height of his fame, Elvis Presley was drafted into the US Army (1958)

Elvis’s handwritten letter to President Richard Nixon

Elvis Presley's handwritten letter to President Nixon - Page 1
Elvis Presley's handwritten letter to President Nixon - Page 2
Elvis Presley's handwritten letter to President Nixon - Page 3
Elvis Presley's handwritten letter to President Nixon - Page 4
Elvis Presley's handwritten letter to President Nixon - Page 5

These are all my PVT numbers (lists phone numbers for Beverly Hills, Palm Springs, Memphis, the Washington Hotel, etc.)

Elvis Presley's handwritten letter to President Nixon - Page 6

Young Elvis: Elvis Presley as a child & teenager

Elvis meets with President Nixon at the White House (1970)

Below is the official written summary of the meeting between Elvis Presley and President Richard Nixon that took place shortly after The King sent a handwritten letter to the POTUS relating to his concern for America — specifically mentioning “the drug culture, the hippie elements, the SDS, Black Panthers, etc.”)

Elvis Presley meets Richard Nixon - 1970



December 21, 1970

December 21, 1970
12:30 p. m.
Meeting with Elvis Presley
Monday, December 21, 1970
12:30 p. m.

The meeting opened with pictures taken of the President and Elvis Presley.

Presley immediately began showing the President his law enforcement paraphernalia including badges from police departments in California, Colorado and Tennessee. Presley indicated that he had been playing Las Vegas and the President indicated that he was aware of how difficult it is to perform in Las Vegas.

The President mentioned that he thought Presley could reach young people, and that it was important for Presley to retain his credibility. Presley responded that be did his thing by “just singing.” He said that he could not get to the kids if he made a speech on the stage, that he had to reach them in his own way. The President nodded in agreement.

Presley indicated that he thought the Beatles had been a real force for anti-American spirit. He said that the Beatles came to this country, made their money, and then returned to England where they promoted an anti-American theme.

The President nodded in agreement and expressed some surprise. The President then indicated that those who use drugs are also those in the vanguard of anti-American protest. Violence, drug usage, dissent, protest all seem to merge in generally the same group of young people.

Elvis Presley: A different kind of rock idol (1956)

Presley indicated to the President in a very emotional manner that he was “on your side.” Presley kept repeating that he wanted to be helpful, that he wanted to restore some respect for the flag which was being lost. He mentioned that he was just a poor boy from Tennessee who had gotten a lot from his country, which in some way he wanted to repay.

He also mentioned that he is studying Communist brainwashing and the drug culture for over ten years. He mentioned that he knew a lot about this and was accepted by the hippies. He said he could go right into a group of young people or hippies and be accepted which he felt could be helpful to him in his drug drive. The President indicated again his concern that Presley retain his credibility.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Presley again told the President how much he supported him, and then, in a surprising, spontaneous gesture, put his left arm around the President and hugged him.

In going out, Presley asked the President if he would see his two associates. The President agreed and they came over and shook hands with the President briefly. At this meeting, the President thanked them for their efforts and again mentioned his concern for Presley’s credibility.

Bud Krogh

Elvis Presley meets Richard Nixon - 1970

President Nixon's last 17 days in office: A desperate search for a way out after Watergate, then his resignation (1974)

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