washington dc

U. S. Capitol through the Cherry Blossoms, Washington, DC vintage postcard
What Washington DC was like in the 1950s

Take a trip back to the past – go sightseeing and learn more about what Washington DC was like in the 1950s! The classic tour is here, from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial to the White House.

De Lar Roche-Jewell tenant house
Classic Georgetown homes & row houses

Mariner-Lewis House Cooke’s Row – Villa 3 Grafton Tyler double house Albert Jackson House – Georgetown Smith-Morton row houses – Georgetown Wheatley Town Houses Edgar

President Taft’s inauguration (1909)

Taft’s Presidental inauguration Taft & Roosevelt driving to Capitol on March 4, 1909:   Taft on inaugural platform, after inauguration in Senate chamber:   Side