Football legend Joe Namath for La-Z-Boy’s recliner chairs, and tossing around a little innuendo

Joe Namath La Z Boy recliners

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See how the famously handsome football star Joe Namath used to pitch rocker-recliners and other easy chairs from La-Z-Boy. The ads weren’t exactly subtle, and the marketing copy played on some very dated (and cringeworthy) expressions that clearly came from the seventies.

“Lie back and enjoy it.” – Joe Namath

“I do. Why shouldn’t you? These days, everyone wants recliner comfort. And with a La-Z-Boy wall recliner like this, why not? Lie back in one and you’ll discover it’s easy to get into any position you want, including full bed rest. The leg rest operates easily, too. And another great thing — this recliner stays one inch from the wall in all positions.”

Joe Namath for La-Z-Boy recliners (2)

Joe Namath: Why don’t you get into something comfortable?

“Just relax and enjoy it. The La-Z-Boy way. Lean into the chair as the back goes into motion. Stops when you call the signal — at your favorite level of recline. Zoom up the footrest independent of the back. With all that built-in action going for it, La-Z-Boy has to be the most comfortable chair you can get.” – Joe Namath

Joe Namath for La-Z-Boy recliners (3)

Ask any Joe who owns one: there’s nothing like the top-to-toe comfort of your own La-Z-Lounger

Lean-back recline operates in response to your own body action. And the built-in leg rest is a totally independent mechanism. Yet, for all its talents, La-Z-Lounger has a winning style—teamed with your choice of America’s favorite fabrics. If you’re not playing, you should be watching—from your La-Z-Lounger. See your La-Z-Boy dealer now.

Joe Namath - Vintage Lazy Boy Lounger recliner green velvet

Football legend Joe Namath for La-Z-Boy's recliner chairs 1970s

See old-fashioned La-Z-Boy recliners, easy chairs, swivel rockers and more from the '70s

Why don't you get into something comfortable - Joe Namath 1972 for La-Z-Boy charis

La-Z-Boy: Not just another pretty face

A La-Z-Boy chair is one piece of furniture that does a lot more than make your home look nice. It makes you feel good. All over. Just put your feet up on the independently operated footrest and lean back. Move the back into any position you choose.

So you can really relax in a chair that’s gorgeously comfortable. And lovely to look at, too. In a handsome variety of styles available to choose from. And a practical pick of decorator fabrics, many of which are protected by DuPont Zepel. See your La-Z-Boy dealer now. For free color brochure and name of dealer nearest you…

La-Z-Boy - Joe Namath not just another pretty face 1974

Joe Namath: See the La-Z-Boy difference in rocker-recliners [1978, minus innuendo]

La-Z-Boy is famous for comfort — plus those extras that make all the difference when you want to relax. Take this La-Z-Boy Reclina-Rocker chair, for example. It’s a great rocker. And a great recliner. And the only chair of its kind with a truly independent leg rest.

Joe Namath for La-Z-Boy recliners (1)

Joe Namath's super

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