Vintage Lady Buxton wallets from the 1950s & 1960s: Coin purses & billfolds

Vintage Lady Buxton wallets from the 1950s 1960s Coin purses and billfolds

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These vintage Lady Buxton wallets came in classic designs made of leather and leather-like materials, many having a small unique design feature to set them apart without being ostentatious.

Who picked the daisies? (1962)

In country colors, the Petite Fleur Set by Lady Buxton — wallets, sunglass case, key wallet

Vintage Lady Buxton daisy wallet and accessories (1962)

You set the time (1961)

Textured leather pearlette wallets, glasses holders, cigarette cases, coin purses, by Lady Buxton

Vintage Lady Buxton Textured leather pearlette wallets (1961)

Pink scallop set in glowing leather (1962)

Who stole the sea shells? The Scallop Set, in glowing iridescent leathers, by Lady Buxton – billfolds, glasses case, cigarette wallet

Lady Buxton scallop wallet set (1962)

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But she has a purse. (A clutch purse?) (1969)

You yourself can name three purses she has. The black, the blue patent, the brown satchel. Another purse would be silly.

But a purse to put in her purse?

Like our clutch here. Called Seville. With lots of roomy compartments for the grocery list, the kids’ pictures, the laundry tickets, and her beloved charge plates.

Our clutches come in lots of different colors, lots of different designs. With a wallet, French purse, cigarette case, lighter, Spec-Tainer, and Key-Tainer to match.

Any one of which she can put in the purse she already has.

The Seville clutch. At nice stores everywhere.

Vintage 1960s clutch purse wallet - blue Seville by Lady Buxton (1969)

Light blue Lady Buxton French purse (1958)
  1. You take your bills out of the change purse (even though you put them into the billfold)
  2. You carry a purse that’s slimmer than ever (yet it holds as much as the old-style bulky kind)
  3. That’s why the smart money is going into this new French Purse by Lady Buxton

Vintage French Purse by Lady Buxton - blue with rhinestones (1958)

The Smart Set by Lady Buxton (1958)

The sophisticated lady chooses her accessories in a matched set with a look of tailored elegance… carried out in a handsome, slashed leather. Lady Buxton’s Smart Set wallets and accessories. 

Vintage Lady Buxton Smart Set wallet and accessories in slashed leather (1958)

Carmine red French Lady Buxton coin purse (1955)

You put your bills in the billfold… you take them out of the coin purse!

Here’s convenience and security. Open the coin purse — and you can slip out both bills and coins without unfolding the purse.

And for the important big bills, there’s a separate secret compartment that keeps them securely hidden. (Shown in Saddle Cowhide)

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Vintage red French Purse - coin purse billfold - Lady Buxton (1955)

You have room for them all. (1954)

No more stuffing one picture behind the other. With the Convertible you can carry up to 21 photos or credentials on view in the removable photo-card case. The exclusive Buxton Flickbar does it.

It works as simply as a loose-leaf binder… lets you add windows quickly, securely. The Convertible comes with enough windows to show 9 photos or cards. Extra windows are only a quarter a set.

You don’t have to open it to put coins in. Ingenious “Magic Purse” has outside coin slot that lets you drop money safely inside.

Red vintage 1950s Lady Buxton Convertible wallet with space for photos (1954)

Lady Buxton’s alligator skin clutch (1968)

The lime green Gaitor Baitor purse with gold accents.

Retro 1960s clutch purse wallet - green Gaitor Baitor by Lady Buxton (1968)

The Ranch Wagon Set by Lady Buxton (1958)

A classic for suburbia and exurbia: Our matched set in antiqued California Saddle Leather, bearing an old coin reproduction.

Also sold one-by-one: Thin-Fold Billfold, Contour Key-Tainer, French purse, Snap-Top Cigarette Case, Lighter, and Spec-Tainer.

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Retro brown leather Ranch Wagon wallet set from Lady Buxton (1958)

Thin-Fold cobalt blue clutch (1958)

We’ve fashioned a sleek new look of slimness in the billfold that holds so much. 

The new Thin-Fold by Lady Buxton. The best for your money.

Sleek vintage blue Thin-Fold wallet from Lady Buxton (1958)

Retro star themed purse set (1960)

If you smoke, ear glasses, unlock doors, carry lots of pictures, or just spend money. The Evening Star set by Lady Buxton.

The Evening Star wallet and case set by Lady Buxton (1960)

Luscious red cowhide clutch purse (1957)

Only the Contour by Lady Buxton has this new “tray purse”.

Carries all your credentials on view. New “Finger-Flick” clasps — easier to open or close then snaps.

Vintage 1950s Contour by Lady Buxton with tray purse for paying fares (1957)

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