Fabulous ’40s hair styles for women (1948)

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Fabulous '40s hair styles for women (1948)

’40s hair styles: Get a head start… for the holidays and new year

Choose from these nine new hair arrangements the one that will turn you into the prettiest girl at the holiday parties… and give you a brand new look for 1949!

The future for short hair is a gentle winging away from the face to a fetching back interest. The fashion for long hair lies in the silken-smooth, close-to-the-head arrangements highlighted (and held in place) with veiling, combs, jewels or flowers.

Soft waves

Soft waves begin from a center part, which goes down the back of the head.

40s hair styles with soft waves

Veiling and chignon in 1940s hairstyles

Crisp veiling: Shape 1/3 yard veiling to fit back of head, and attach beribboned bicycle clip. Add own flower.

Evening chignon: 1-1/2 yards of 15″ veiling ties around chignon and ends in a wide bow.

Veiling and chignon in 40s hairstyles

’40s hair for the holidays

Holiday hair-dos take to flowers for evening. Front hair combs into bangs from a side part — the rest of the hair brushes into back curls.

40s hair for the holidays


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Add a veil

For any length of hair, 1 yard of 15″ veiling goes over the head

Add a veil to '40s hair

Shining and short hair

Waves away from smooth bangs to a cluster of curls in the back. Combs and a ribbon hold curls in place. (Glistening locks courtesy regular shampooing!)

Shining and short hair

An elegant ’40s hair style

Stunning and simple for an elegant touch. Center part, wide waves. Ends are looped up and pinned in knot effect in back.

An elegant '40s hairstyle

40s hair: A bandeau

… of folded veiling (or wide silk ribbon) goes over the head and pins in place over each year. Allow two inches on each side for crisp, perky ends.

A bandeau for the hair

Short 1940s hairstyles

Cut and brushed away from face, the short hair-do takes on a new look for the new year. Hair is cut 2-1/2 to 3 inches all over the head. Easy and versatile.

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Short and versatile 1940s hairstyles

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