The Peanuts star in Met Life ads (1986-1988)

There’s no guessing with Met Life. (1987)

Peppermint Patty: Met Life representatives make a point of spelling things out in clear language before you sign up for any kind of insurance. Very reassuring.


Snoopy with flock of Woodstocks (1986)


Sail on (1986)

Snoopy: We’ve had a hundred years’ experience in weathering the rough spots. In over a hundred years of storms and calms, Met Life has never failed to meet its obligations to its customers. And we’re helping you get the insurance protection and financial services you need, now and in the future — whichever way the wind blows.

Get Met. It pays. / Metropolitan Life and affiliated companies


Snoopy with butterflies (1988)


Charlie Brown: Start your Met Life IRA now (1987)

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