Getting ready for a Victorian wedding: Church decor & flowers (1893)

Getting ready for a Victorian wedding Church decor and flowers (1893)

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Vintage church wedding - Marriage ceremong with bride and groom (4)

The very latest fashions and follies in vogue

“Happy is the bride that the sun shines on!” But those brides that have chosen these spring days, and those who will wed in June when days are brightest and longest, have violated fashion’s decree.

Guess, ye unfashionable, which month it is that New York, in its perversity, has chosen to be the most fashionable for weddings? November!

The most fashionable day is Thursday. The hours chosen are high noon or 4 pm. The 4 o’clock wedding has almost superseded the evening ceremony.

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Church decorations for weddings

The usual church decorations are with potted plants, mostly palms, set about the chancel and on the steps leading to the altar.

These and bouquets on the altar are all that aroused for a simple wedding. But where more display is desired, the chancel rail is twined with smilax and flowers, and a bouquet is fastened in the bow of the ribbon which is used to divide the aisle, or a garland of flowers is twined along with the entire ribbon.

Laurel is sometimes employed both for chancel decoration and for the pillars, but this is too heavy and somber except at Christmas, and requires to be relieved with an abundance of flowers.

The custom of having flowers strewn before the bride is not popular, but when it is done they should be scattered by the little maid of honor from the very door of the carriage to the steps of the altar. It is a custom more beautiful in theory than in practice, for the bride’s train is apt to sweep them along and thereby become disarranged — not to mention the possibility of the foot turning by stepping upon a round rosebud.

Vintage church wedding - Marriage ceremong with bride and groom (3)

The bride’s flowers

Real orange blossoms are another adjunct of weddings which do not materialize in accordance with sentiment and tradition. They are fragile flowers which are apt to be ruined in transit and to fall before it is time to lay them aside.

The bridal bouquet must be white. This is imperative. Where orchids are used, the faintest tinge of color may be admitted, but the aim should be to have the bouquet entirely white. Orchids should never be put with roses — their proper setting is Lilies of the Valley. A bouquet of these flowers costs from $40 to $75, and is the gift of the groom, as are the bridesmaids bouquets, which are made as far as possible to harmonize with their dress.

White carnations are used for favors for the heads of the horses which draw the brides carriage, and her coachman wears a white bouquet in his buttonhole.

17 wedding flower arrangements & bouquets (1916)

Vintage church wedding - Marriage ceremong with bride and groom (5)

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