Revisit 34 creepy & spooky vintage Halloween TV specials (and other retro horror on television)

Creepy & spooky vintage Halloween TV specials (and other retro horror on television)

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Remember these vintage Halloween TV specials from the past? Charlie Brown? Check. Grinch? Yep. You can also see how Johnny Depp, Elvira, Martin Lawrence & Tom Hanks got into the holiday spirit years ago on these vintage Halloween TV specials.

Vintage Halloween TV specials and holiday episodes (1977)

By Bettelou Peterson, TV writer

The Grinch is back for half an hour Saturday at 8 p.m. on ABC-TV. But not to steal Halloween. In fact, Halloween is mentioned only in the title of the show, “Halloween Is Grinch Night.”

To be sure, when the mean old Grinch tries to scare young Ukariah Who, he unleashes a spine-tingly array of “things,” but that’s not because he’s celebrating Halloween, it’s because the sweet-and-sour wind has wakened the greegrumps and hackencracks and their howls bring the Grinch down from Mt. Crumpit to hassle Whoville.

YouTube video

Halloween Is Grinch Night 1977

ALL OF WHICH makes sense to those who know Dr. Seuss and his wonderful collection of thingamabobs, from his books and until now on CBS, where in 1966 the Grinch first was seen trying to steal Christmas.

Ted Geisel, who is Dr. Seuss, author of the popular children’s books, was in charge of the new show, as he was of the others, although he has a new set of co-workers, including animators.

But Geisel long ago firmly established what a Grinch looks like as well as the Grinch’s woeful dog Max and the Whos of Whoville, so the new cartoonists make little difference.

Hans Conried is the narrator, and follows the same tone set by the gentle lisp of the late Boris Karloff, who is heard on the Grinch Christmas show.

Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown 1978

The new Grinch is part of a deluge of Halloween-oriented shows this year. Before, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” was the only made-for-TV “classic” marking the celebration. Linus and his legend of the Great Pumpkin have joined Halloween tradition.

But this year, CBS chose to show a new Peanuts — “It’s Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown,” which focused on football.

It is the 17th in a line that goes back to 1965 and “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” The new show had the usual Peanuts charm, which the team of Lee Mendelson and Bill Melendez, working with creator Charles Schulz, have been so successful in transferring to TV from the comics.

Halloween with the Addams Family 1977

The Fat Albert Halloween Special” followed the Peanuts last Monday on CBS, the first time the cartoon creations based on Bill Cosby’s characters have been seen outside Saturday morning.

The Saturday series, “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids,” is a credit to Cosby and CBS, one of the few shows in the kid lineup that successfully combines education and entertainment.

On Monday’s special, kids learned something of understanding and compassion while laughing over the antics.

Wednesday on CBS, a gallery of Warner Bros. cartoon characters turned up in “Bugs Bunny’s Howl-oween Special.” Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Speedy Gonzales, Sylvester and Tweety Pie got tangled in a conjuring contest between Bugs and Witch Hazel. There were more giggles than goosebumps.

Bugs Bunny's Howl-oween Special 1979

(There also was less violence. Characters were, dropped off castle towers and down trap doors, as of old, but, in a nod to the anti-violence crusaders, the resulting splatter was never shown.)

ALL THE SHOWS were fun, particularly the Grinch. But, of course, all were full of pitches for cake, candy, cookies, fancy cereal and fast food chains.

Presumably, in prime time, unlike Saturday mornings, parents are available to explain the dangers of such a diet to watching kids.

NBC, by the way, devotes Sunday evening entirely to Halloween-oriented shows: at 7 p.m., “Disney’s Halloween Hall O’Fame”; at 8 p.m., “Halloween with the Addams Family,” (a new show with the same cast as the old series), at 9:30 p.m., “Psychic Phenomena: Exploring the Unknown.” None were available for preview.

A Disney Halloween TV special 1981

NBC is handling “Psychic Phenomena” very gingerly since it ran into heavy criticism from many respected scientific groups over several Eric von Daniken documentaries in which von Daniken’s “men from outer space” were represented as fact rather than theory.

Silver Spoons and Punky Brewster vintage Halloween TV specials

Silver Spoons and Punky Brewster Halloween TV specials

About Silver Spoons, the 80s sitcom that made Ricky Schroder a pre-teen idol - plus the TV show opening credits and theme song

Vintage Halloween TV specials: Swamp Thing on TV (1991)

Swamp Thing on TV 1991

The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t TV special (1979)

The Halloween That Almost Wasn't TV special 1979

21 Jump Street vintage Halloween TV special, with young Johnny Depp (1989)

Spend Halloween on the street

21 Jump Street - Halloween 1989 - Johnny Depp

Cool and creepy Halloween cupcakes - a spider, monster, witch, pumpkin and others - will charm a crowd (1990s)

1977 Lucan and Good Against Evil TV premieres

1977 Lucan and Good Against Evil Tv premieres

1980 Trouble With Miss Switch – Witch Mountain TV special

1980 Trouble With Miss Switch - Witch Mountain TV special

Escape to Witch Mountain: 1975 classic Disney movie with two paranormal orphans and a flying Winnebago

The Fat Albert Halloween Special (1977)

Halloween TV special from 1977

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids was innovative Saturday morning TV with a message for kids (1972-1985)

The Peanuts gang and the Great Pumpkin vintage Halloween TV specials (1979)

Great Pumpkin TV specials for Halloween 1979

Vintage Snoopy and Peanuts stickers sheets (70s and 80s)

Bewitched vintage Halloween TV specials from the ’60s

Bewitched TV show Halloween special episodes (1)

Bewitched TV show Halloween special episodes (2)

Bewitched: A Safe & Sane Halloween episode (1967)

Bewitched makes its magical television debut (1964)

Paul Lynde’s Halloween Special & Look What Happened to Rosemary’s Baby (1976)

Paul Lynde Halloween Special

Disney Channel’s vintage Halloween TV specials in 1988

Halloween has never been spookier, funnier or more spirited!

Disney Halloween 1988

Disneyland brochure for 1988: More than ever the happiest place

Robin Williams on ET and friends – Aliens and monsters (1982)

1982 Robin Williams on ET and friends - Aliens and monsters

Earthlings love the movie E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

Rona Jaffe’s Mazes and Monsters TV special (1982)

Mazes & Monsters starred Tom Hanks

1982 Rona Jaffe's Mazes and Monsters Tv special

Monster Mash: How the ghoulish Halloween song by Bobby Boris Pickett came to be - and became a huge hit

Dolls – The Dollmaker TV show (1990)

1990 Dolls - The Dollmaker TV show

Prom Night movie on TV (1980s)

Prom Night movie on TV 1980s

Creepy vintage Halloween TV specials on A&E (1994)

1994 Creepy TV shows on AandE

Boris Karloff guacamole recipe: Frankenstein monster does the avocado mash (1966)

Martin & Living Single vintage Halloween TV specials, plus Elvira (1994)

1994 Martin and Living Single Halloween specials

The Unexplained Witches Werewolves and Vampires TV special (1994)

1994 The Unexplained Witches Werewolves and Vampires Tv special

Tales from the Crypt (1996)

1996 Tales from the Crypt

Devil Dog The Hound of Hell vintage Halloween TV specials (1978)

Devil Dog The Hound of Hell 1978 - Halloween TV specials

Halloween adventure: Elvira meets The Fall Guy – special episode

Halloween Fall Guy with Elvira

Shock week TV movies (1961)

1961 Shock week TV movies

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