Hallo Witch vintage cake recipe

How to make a “Hallo Witch” Halloween cake (1958)

How to make a Halloween cake shaped like a witch

For Halloween party fun, bake one 9-inch square cake. When cool, cut as indicated in diagrams. The largest wedge becomes witches face, other her hat and small corner piece is nose. Tint part of white icing for face and part for hat, leaving the rest white for her hair. Sprinkle white icing with coconut for hair, and add candies for her eyes and mouth.

Hallo Witch Halloween cake

How to make a “Hallo Witch” Halloween cake: Step-by-step

1. To make this witch, bake one 9-inch square cake with any cake mix. When cool, measure 4-1/2 inches down from corner and then cut diagonally across to opposite corner. The large piece is witches’ face, other her hat.

2. Now, from shortest side of face piece, cut off a wedge 2 by 3-1/2 inches to use for nose. Place pieces on tray. as shown. Tint half of fluffy frosting a pale orange for face and nose.

3. This fair witch has scraggly hair made from rest of white fluffy frosting — sprinkled all over with snowy Baker’s Angel Flake Coconut. Her hat is chocolate buttercream frosting, and candies make bewitching eye and mouth.

Whether she’s a glad witch or a mad witch is up to you!

Hallo Witch vintage cake recipe cutting how-to

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Hallo Witch vintage cake recipe how-to

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