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Cadillac for 1971: The New Look of Leadership

The exciting new Sedan deVille and Fleetwood Sixty Special Brougham

Never has the introduction of a new Cadillac so dramatically established Cadillac’s undeniable leadership in the world of fine motor cars.

All nine of the magnificent 1971 Cadillacs are totally new. They are completely new in looks — with crisper, more classic contours, greater glass area and doors designed to permit easier entry and exit.

They are new in luxury — with a completely redesigned instrument panel, new lower profile seats and a wide selection of rich new fabrics. And they are new in convenience, including a unique light monitoring system available on all models.

You will discover new performance, too. The superb Cadillac ride has never been smoother. The quietness of operation will impress even long-time Cadillac owners. And all Cadillac V-8 engines deliver their famed performance on the new no-lead, low-lead fuels.

See — and drive — the brilliant new 1971 Standard of the World, now at your authorized dealer’s. Leadership has never been so elegantly presented.

The new Eldorado… the world’s most elegant personal cars.

In the Eldorado Coupe and Convertible, Cadillac presents two completely new and completely distinctive automobiles. A new, longer wheelbase provides superb riding qualities and new, more impressive beauty.

Individual touches, such as the jewel-like stand-up crest and the exclusive coach windows on the Coupe, typify the Eldorado’s many styling innovations.

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The Convertible, now the only luxury convertible built in America, comes equipped with an ingenious new inward-folding Hideaway Top. It provides a more graceful top-down appearance and allows greater room for rear-seat passengers.

Both Eldorados share the same 8.2 litre V-8 (the world’s largest production passenger car engine) in combination with the precise handling of front-wheel drive, variable-ratio power steering, power front disc brakes and Automatic Level Control.

Surely, these are the two most excitingly luxurious automobiles in the world of personal motoring… the Fleetwood Eldorados by Cadillac.

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