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Classic 1950s Cadillacs - Vintage cars

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1955 Cadillac: Styling the whole world admires

We doubt seriously that any other automotive design ever inspired such deep or such widespread admiration as that of the 1955 Cadillac.

Let the car appear on any highway in the world — even among people who have never before seen its familiar silhouette or heard its famous name — and it will be recognized instantly as the “car of cars.”

And, of course, the way a Cadillac looks is an authentic reflection of what a Cadillac is and does. Its great beauty, for instance, faithfully foretells the deep feeling of pride and satisfaction that comes to its owner every time he takes the wheel.

Its careful craftsmanship is clearly indicative of the car’s dependability and economy of upkeep. And its graceful, scientific styling accurately reflects the car’s smoothness of ride… with an absolute minimum of resistance from wind and road.

We suggest that you come in today for a close personal inspection of this remarkable Cadillac styling… and to see what it means in terms of motoring pleasure and satisfaction. We’ll be most happy to give you the keys… and the car… and the surprising facts that make this the perfect time to move up to Cadillac.

Fancy 1955 Cadillac car

Cadillac – For the finest days of your life! (1955)

The happiest and best-ordered lives still have their highlighted days and occasions which etch themselves in memory.

And if travel by motor car is a part of the recollection, how wonderful it is to recall a Cadillac!

A wedding, a grand ball or a state reception — there is nothing like a Cadillac car for the occasion itself—and for wonderful memories.

Cadillac cars have been star performers in memorable social activities for more than fifty years. In fact, if you could view a continuous motion picture of the social scene for that great half century, its basic connecting link would be the appearance and re-appearance of Cadillac cars.

Today, the association of Cadillac with the “grand days of life” is all but automatic. And never before has a Cadillac added 30 much to these proud occasions, In beauty, in performance and in luxury — it is, more than ever, the “car of cars.”

Your Cadillac dealer awaits your visit to his showroom — so you may see how the Cadillac tradition is being upheld.


“Guests of honor” wherever they go (1955)

Not long after a motorist takes delivery of his first Cadillac car, he makes a truly wonderful and thrilling discovery.

No matter where he travels at the wheel of his Cadillac, he finds that he is accorded an extra measure of courtesy and respect.

And this discovery will be all the more rewarding for the man or woman who makes the move to Cadillac in 1955. For the “car of cars” now offers more of everything to inspire respect and admiration.

Its world-famous beauty, for example, is more majestic and distinctive than ever before. Its celebrated interior luxury and elegance are far more wonderful to behold… and to enjoy. And its performance is, from every standpoint, the finest in Cadillac history!

If you haven’t as yet inspected and driven the magnificent 1955 Cadillac — you ought to do so soon at your Cadillac dealer’s.


Meeting of Cadillac owners (1955)

Through all the higher phases of business and finance and industry, Cadillac is the overwhelming favorite.

It is not at all unusual, in fact, for a fine American corporation to have its entire board membership represented on the Cadillac owner list.

Needless to say, a motor car must offer many wonderful and exceptional qualities in order to win the favor of so distinguished a group of motorists.

And never have these qualities been more clearly evident than they are in today’s great Cadillac car.

There is its inspiring beauty, for instance… it’s magnificent performance… its brilliant luxury… and its extraordinary operating economy.

Of course, you don’t have to be a member of a Board of Directors in order to enjoy a new Cadillac car.

In fact, a Cadillac is actually one of motordom’s greatest values — the ideal car, economically, for a very wide group of American motorists.


They’ll take the Cadillac tonight! (1955)

This, as you can see, is a very special occasion. And so we feel certain that — having a choice — they’ll the the Cadillac tonight!

And what a happy choice it will be!

How proud they’ll be, for instance. when they arrive in the “car of car” — and find themselves the subjects of admiring glances on every hand.

And how rested and relaxed! For no matter how for their journey, they’ll reach their destination refreshed… and eager for the evening’s activities.

Yes, you can be certain they’ll take the Cadillac tonight. But this is not to imply that a Cadillac gets the call only for special occasions.

On the contrary, the car is such a pleasure to drive… and such a joy to utilize… that it is invariably the family favorite for every journey.


Maybe this will be the year! (1955)

The handsome couple you see in the beautiful picture above have just made a very wise decision.

They have decided to get the facts about Cadillac — to see if, perhaps, the time has come for them to make the move to the “car of cars.”

And we hope sincerely that 1955 will be their Cadillac year. For this, beyond any question, is the perfect year to discover the joys of Cadillac ownership!

Never before has the car offered so much by way of beauty, or luxury, or performance. It is inspiring to behold… and thrilling to drive… and wonderful to own… and practical to operate — to a degree unprecedented even by Cadillac.

If a new Cadillac is high on your list of hopes for the new year, you should give careful consideration to these facts. And we suggest that you make a “resolution” now — to drive the 1955 Cadillac!

Red Cadillac car from 1955

Classic blue Cadillac (1956)

A great many people find it difficult to believe that any motor car could be as wonderful as a Cadillac is reputed to be. But how quickly their doubts vanish when they take the wheel for themselves.

They discover performance that is smooth and powerful and responsive beyond their fondest expectations.

They find comfort and handling ease that literally challenge the imagination. And they experience motoring satisfaction beyond anything they have ever known before.

Classic 1956 Cadillac (2)

More eloquent than words (1953)

The beautiful Cadillac crest is, beyond any question, one of the most eloquent symbols in all the world of manufactured products. In fact, it seems safe to say that no other mark of identification speaks so eloquently of the motor car that bears it… and of the man who owns it.

It speaks of great engineering… of inspired design, and of experienced craftsmanship. It promises mile after mile of superlative motoring enjoyment… and it foretells year after year of dependable performance.

It proclaims, in short, that here is an automobile built to the highest standards it is practical co enforce in the production of a motor car…

And, oh, the wonderful things it says about the man behind the wheel! It identifies him as a person of standing and achievement… it attests to his high regard for the comfort and safety of his fellow passengers… and it reveals his discerning taste and his good judgment.

If you haven’t as yet driven the Golden Anniversary Cadillac — we think you should come in and do so today. You might decide it’s time for the Cadillac crest to tell its wonderful story about you — and your motor car!

Vintage 1953 Cadillac in deep red

From great achievements… An inspiring tradition! (1958)

Cadillac’s many and varied contributions to the cause of automotive progress have, over the years, represented one of the most important and inspiring traditions in all motordom.

And certainly, that list of Cadillac’s achievements has become all the more meaningful in’ the light of the current year.

For in styling, in design and in engineering, this latest “car of cars” has added dramatic emphasis to the fact of Cadillac leadership.

1958 Cadillac cars

Cherry red Cadillac (1956)

When a motorist takes possession of his first Cadillac, he usually does so expecting extraordinary things.

But only rarely does he suspect how satisfying the car will be from the standpoint of practicality! And that is why Cadillac’s remarkably low cost… its wonderful economy of upkeep and operation… and the marvelous manner in which it retains its value… are all so deeply satisfying.

For they come as extra dividends, so to speak, for his wisdom in choosing the “Standard of the World”.

If you have always wanted a Cadillac for its obvious qualities, then we suggest you come in soon and investigate these lesser known Cadillac virtues. 

Classic 1956 Cadillac (1)

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