Smell this! 50+ vintage scratch ‘n sniff stickers

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Most of the vintage scratch-n-sniff stickers shown below were made by Trend Enterprises, while a few come from other companies, such as Mello Smello. How many do you remember?

How do scratch and sniff stickers work?

It may smell like a banana. But you won’t find one under that sticker on your notebook.

A scratch and sniff sticker is packed with tiny capsules that hold scent oils. When you scratch it, you break open the capsules — and out comes the scent. Scratch and sniff stickers wear out after you break open all the scent capsules.

Perfume makers like using scratch and sniff magazine ads. The perfume is released from the capsules when you tear off a piece of paper glued on top of them. But not everyone loves reading a “smelly” magazine.

Scratch and sniffs are used in other ways. One opera director gave out scratch and sniff cards at a performance. The audience scratched several parts of the card to go along with the music and action. The cards had smells of oranges, perfumes and even rotten meat. You might say the show really stunk! – Anderson Herald Bulletin (Anderson, Indiana) – March 19, 1993

Call ’em smelly, call ’em stinky

Scents here include pizza, banana, root beer, pickle, apple & watermelon


Scratch & sniff stickers below include a banana split, popcorn, birthday cake, chocolate ice cream, sundae


Scented retro stickers below include chocolate milk, wintergreen, coconut, peanut butter and ice cream


Scratch & sniff stickers below include grape jelly, bubblegum, jelly beans, pickles, french fries & a cinnamon roll


Scented stickers below include a hot dog, orange, pancakes with syrup, a skunk, lime, toothpaste & catsup


Scratch & sniff stickers below include birthday cake, oranges, strawberry, bubblegum, a cupcake & an apple



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