3 reasons the 1973 Ford Mustang is different

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What makes Mustang different is the way it looks, handles, and makes you feel

For eight years now, the Ford Mustang has been the top-selling car in its class. There are at least three reasons why.

The way it looks. Sporty, sexy, sleek. You can choose from 5 models: Mach I, SportsRoof, Grande, Hardtop, and Convertible. New for 1973, you also get a rugged color-keyed front bumper and a dramatic grille design. But not all the good looks are on the outside. Inside the cockpit, you sit back in a bucket seat while your hand drops to a floor-mounted shift console and you look out over a deep-set instrument panel.

The way it handles. The Mustang’s low silhouette and compact size make its handling as beautiful as its looks. A smoother independent front suspension with anti-sway bar helps take the bumps of rough roads and the twist out of twisting turns.

The way it feels. The feeling of control and balance you get from driving a Mustang adds up to a statement of personal style. Like when you do something very well, and you know exactly how you did it. It’s a very different experience.

ford-mustang-1973-oct-1972 (2)

ford-mustang-1973-oct-1972 (1)


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