Fancy vintage Fenton glass from the 1960s & 1970s

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Fancy vintage Fenton art glass from the 1960s 1970s

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Hand-fashioned traditional vintage Fenton glass (1965)

Hand-fashioned traditional glass styles by Fenton (1965)

Fenton green glass home decor from 1966

Select your Fenton gifts in always-appreciated milk glass and radiant colors…

Fenton green glass home decor from 1966

White vintage Fenton glass lamp (1966)

White vintage Fenton glass lamp from 1966

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Vintage Fenton glass lamps from 1967

Wouldn’t the gold lamp (we call it honey amber) look great in your living room? Maybe the blue one would be just right for the bedroom.

Actually, a Fenton lamp is at home in any room. See these beautiful lamps in colors or famous Fenton milk glass with Fenton accessory pieces to match.

Fenton art glass lamps from 1967

Vintage amber Fenton glassware (1969)

Handmade glass… a beauty worth collecting… a loveliness worth sharing.

The joy of the rich colors, the sparkling brilliance of the fire polish, the graceful beauty of a basket handle, the delightful originality of a bud vase — all because of the care and skill of the human hands that create each piece of Fenton.

Vintage amber Fenton glassware from 1969

Vintage Fenton Burmese glass (1971)

Vintage Fenton Burmese glass from 1971

Fenton carnival glass (1971)

The striking beauty of these inviting antique reproductions commends them for unusual accent pieces. Handcrafted with meticulous care, their iridescent loveliness of the carnival glass makes them perfect gifts for the “hard to buy for.”

Fenton carnival glass (1971)

Vintage Fenton glass gift guide (1974)

The secret to successful Christmas shopping is to know what you want before you leave the house. So start making out your list right here. And give them handmade glass by Fenton.

Vintage Fenton glass gift guide (1974)

Fenton satin glass accessories (1975)

A touch of satin. Satin glass accessories. The right touch. The soft touch in handmade glass. In subtle tones that blend comfortably with your other colors. Ask for it in Custard, Blue Satin or Lime Sherbet.

Fenton art glass (1975)

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