Vintage Speed Queen washing machines (1950)

Washes more clothes clean per hour, per dollar

Read the headline above again and consider what it means: the most clothes washed clean, per hour, per dollar! On other words, Speed Queen gives you the best combination of fast washing, sparkling white clothes, and low price — all in one big, beautiful double-wall, bowl-tub agitator-type washer!


For America’s fastest washday

This pamphlet, written by a Speed Queen user, tells how a 7-load washing can be done in one hour… with one tubful of hot water… each piece sparkling clean. Now matter what type washer you now own, this pamplet will open your eyes.


Washes more clothes clean per hour, per dollar

Whether you want to pay $99.95, $109.95, $119.95 or even $139.95 — you can guarantee yourself the most for your money in home laundry service by buying a Speed Queen.

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