Hollywood finds Rock Hudson (1957)


Hollywood finds Rock Hudson

When Hollywood finds a new great in the field of acting, it generally plays the poor guy or gal in enough roles so that the regular movie goer is slightly confused. Sort of like seeing a different person play the hero in the soap opera on afternoon television.

And Hollywood has found Rock Hudson. And Rock Hudson will play every conceivable role possible, until either he objects, or the box office begins to slump.

Rock Hudson’s latest role, however, is one to which he is aptly suited. It is as a hero, in the Air Force.

He plays the true life role of Col Dean Hess, a parson and ace pilot of two wars. The picture is “Battle Hymn” co-starring Martha Hyer, Dan Duryea, and a host of other excellent actors and actresses.

The story concerns the true to life feelings of a parson turned pilot who bombs an orphanage during World War Two, and returns to the Air Force during the Korean War because of a guilty feeling stemming from his action during World War Two.

The plot, because it is true, is unique. Probably a fiction writer could make it more dramatic, but I doubt if anyone could make it more interesting.

It starts Saturday at Schines Oneonta and is in Cinemascope and Technicolor.

battle hymn movie poster rock hudson 1957

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