See vintage mail carriers & post office service carts from 100+ years ago

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Postcard of the Milwaukee Mail Car 1907

Letter Carrier collecting mail for USPS (1890)  
Letter Carrier Collecting Mail 1890 USPS

City collection wagon postal service in Chicago (1890)

City Collection Wagon Chicago 1890 - Postal service

Letter Carrier delivering mail by bicycle (1890)

Letter Carrier Delivering Mail by Bicycle 1890

Regulation Mail Wagon in San Francisco (1895)

Regulation Mail Wagon San Francisco 1895

Mail Streetcar for USPS in St. Louis, Missouri (1896)

St. Louis, Missouri Mail Streetcar USPS 1896

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U.S. Railway Mail Service (1896)

U.S. Railway Mail Service 1896

City mail wagon – USPS (1905)

City mail wagon - USPS 1905

USPS Rural Carrier with horse and wagon (1905)

USPS Rural Carrier with Horse and Wagon 1905

Mail collection wagons (1905)

Mail Collection Wagons 1905

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“Rural Free Delivery” Carrier in Greenfield, Indiana (1905)

Rural Free Delivery Carrier in Greenfield, Indiana 1905

Columbia Mark 3 Mail Truck in Baltimore, Maryland (1906)

Columbia Mark 3 Mail Truck Baltimore Maryland 1906

Letter Carrier delivering mail – US postal service (1908)

Letter Carrier Delivering Mail - US postal service 1908

Three-wheeled Mail Collection Motorcycle in Washington DC (1912)

Three-wheeled Mail Collection Motorcycle Washington DC 1912

Parcel Post Wagon in New Bedford, Massachusetts (1913)

Parcel Post Wagon in New Bedford, Massachusetts (1913)

Mail carriers walking on the streets of New York (1896)

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