8 Civil War-era dresses for women (1862)

Original publication: Godey's Lady's Book Date: 1862
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1) The Clarenda

Organdie skirt. Fancy Zouave, braided with black, and trimmed with black lace. White silk vest.

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2) The Almerian

This style, made of heavy black silk, is among the most beautiful novelties of the spring mantillas. No description is required, as its mode is fully explained by the illustration.

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3) The Phoebus

This wrap is of black cloth, trimmed with crochet passementerie.

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4) The Albertina Dress

Watering-place dress, made of Satin de Mai. White ground, with linked rings of porcelain blue. Four flounces are on the skirt, and the front is made en tablier, with the flounces extending to the waist; the edges of the flounces are concealed by a puffing. Fancy lace fichu. Rice straw hat, trimmed with black velvet and blue ribbon.

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Source publication: Godey's Lady's Book

Publication date: 1862

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