Remember the old Clock-A-Word puzzle game from the ’60s?

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Warning: Clock-A-Word is habit-forming!*

*… especially for people who love action, fun and excitement.

Clock-A-Word is the exciting new word game sensation that starts off where other word games leave off! Celebrities and personalities all over the country are already playing Clock-A-Word and agree — there’s never been any game like it!

Press the lever — a new group of letters appears — the clock starts ticking — the action begins — as you and the other players race against each other to make the longest possible word in the shortest possible time.

It’s more than just a game — it’s a challenge to the word-skill and the speed of players of all ages! But be careful — because the fun and excitement are contagious — and once you get the CLOCK-A-WORD fever… you just can’t quit playing!

From Topper Games

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Remember the old Clock-A-Word puzzle game from the '60s

Vintage games from 1966 - Clock A Word

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