Superbly-fitting unlined Rayon suits for women (1957)

The costly look, just $29.95/Avisco Rayon is the reason

Handmacher tailors these superbly-fitting unlined suits in fabrics that owe more than half their composure to Avisco rayon fibers.

Although their textures are totally different, each fabric has been tested. It dry cleans perfectly, resists wrinkles. You know this is true when you see the Avisco Integrity Tag on the suit you buy.

LEFT: Newly belted in Firenza, by Triplex, with a worsted look. Avisco rayon, acetate and silk. Aqua, pink, toast, lemon, navy, cloud, blue or brown.

CENTER: Close-curving, shawl collared-in Earl Loom’s Angela, crisp, lustrous Avisco rayon and acetate. Beige, caramel, pearl, black or navy.

RIGHT: Blouse-back, with snug hip band-in Earl Loom’s Bouclaine, a textured, flecked weave of Avisco rayon, cotton and acetate. Navy, silver, mocha or beige.


New fabrics cool, wrinkle-resistant

Avisco Rayon, blended with silk or dacron, has a soft, lightweight touch which is so enjoyable in the summer. The porous construction of rayon and blends enables the fabric to breathe, so that air may circulate. In this way, moisture isn’t trapped, as it may be in other man-made fibers, and clothes never feel clammy next to the skin. Another plus value of rayon is the lack of static electricity, so they will not cling to the wearer.

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Rayon suits for women from 1957

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