Get blown away by these Maxell cassette tape ads (1980s)

Maxell tapes - Blown away guy in chair - 1983
Maxell was long one of the leaders in the cassette tape world, and produced one of the most iconic ad campaigns of the era, featuring the man fondly (now) known as “blown away guy.” Amazingly, the company is still making blank audio tapes. So, hey — if you still have your tape recorders from the seventies and eighties, you’re set!

The iconic Maxell cassette tapes “blown away guy” (1983)

After 500 plays, our high fidelity tape still delivers high fidelity.

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Maxell tapes - Blown away guy in chair - 1983

On Maxell, rock ‘n’ roll is really here to stay

Maxell cassette tape UD-90 insert

In the cassette, Maxell adapts the unique 4-function leader to incorporate the cleaning properties of its original head cleaning tape. The special finish assures continuous cleaning without fear of head wear.

  • To prevent the tape from developing trouble in travel, take up any slack in the cassette by using a pencil stub as shown in the illustration.
  • Removal of the breakout lug from the cassette (illustration) will render the recorded material unerasable and will protect your valuable recorder to obtain smooth tape travel and high-quality recording/playback.

    Maxell cassette tape UD-90 insert


If you’ve got the watts, we’ve got the tape

Audiophile file XL-S: Compact disc compatible

Audiophile file XL-S Compact disc compatible

Clear your decks

The famous “blown away guy” in the Maxell TV commercial

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