It’s new and you’ll love it! (1957)

The textured look of exciting Random Tones in Kentile asphalt tile!

LIFE Jul 15, 1957 kentile textured tones asphalt tiles


New flooring development (1955)

Kentile Corktone looks like luxury cork, yet costs no more than popular asphalt tile

LIFE Apr 4, 1955 asphalt tile flooring kentile

Spruce up your floors for spring (1956)

(Ad featuring blue and yellow tile patterns on the floor and a gold-rimmed retro TV set behind folding doors)

LIFE Apr 9, 1956 vintage asphalt tile kentile


Get the most for your money (1952)

You can install a KENTILE FLOOR like this for only $19.95

Here’s America’s most popular floor-covering for homeowner installation. It’s low in cost and easy to install . . . gives a choice of 26 modern colors which you can arrange in any design you please. Kentile resists stains and dirt . . . gleams like new with occasional no-rub waxings. It withstands the severest kind of wear because its colors are built in — go right through each sturdy tile.

Don’t make the mistake of buying floor-coverings with just a colored surface that soon wears off with use. Look for the only floor-covering that’s backed by the quality-assuring guarantee you see here. If you prefer, your Kentile Dealer will install your floor.

Mrs. William A. Loock, Jr. shows how easy it is to install long-lasting Kentile

STEP 1. After reading the simple instructions, supplied by the Kentile Dealer, Mrs. Loock is finding the center of the floor. Next, she’ll spread Kentile Adhesive over half the floor before laying the tiles in place.

STEP 2. With half the floor installed, Mrs. Loock spreads Kentile Adhesive to cover remaining part of kitchen floor. That notched trowel she’s using and other tools needed are all included in the Ken-Kit.

STEP 3. After adhesive is spread, Mrs. Loock sets the remaining tile in place. The simple tile- by-tile installation continues until the entire kitchen floor is completed as shown in the main illustration.

Only Kentile Dealers offer you these low-priced Guaranteed Kentile Floors * Price quoted is for a Kentile Floor approximately 8′ x 10′ installed by you. Your Kentile Floor may cost less or slightly more, depending on size of room, colors selected and freight rates to your city. See your local Kentile Dealer . .. he’s listed in the classified phone directory under FLOORS.

LIFE Sep 1, 1952 asphalt tile kentile

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