Vintage Formula 409 was the ‘miracle household cleaner’ that debuted in the ’60s

About Formula 409, the 'miracle household cleaner' that debuted in 1966

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Vintage Formula 409 household cleaner hit supermarket shelves in the 1960s, and was one of the most popular household cleaning products during the 1970s and 1980s. Here, se why people loved the stuff!

Vintage Formula 409: New miracle household cleaner! (1966)

Cleans everything cleaner!

Rugged and tough, Formula 409 will knock out all the drudgery in cleaning walls, floors — everything, in the very first round.

Housewives can hang up their rubber gloves for good! Formula 409 is as gentle to the hands as lotion. Yet it will clean every washable surface in the house fast — and 409 is non-flammable!

With Formula 409 there’s no film, no rinsing and no hard rubbing — no harsh ingredients such as ammonia, kerosene or other petroleum-based products. Buy the handy spray bottle today. You’ll see!

Formula 409 cleaner 1966

Women who have tried ’em all call it THE ONE CLEANER THAT DOES IT ALL (1969)

No other all-purpose cleaner lifts away dirt, grease and grime so quickly and so easily. Formula 409 simply won’t quit, no matter how tough the job.

And it does more of the hard jobs than any other all-purpose cleaner. Even stubborn rug spots come up easily when you use Formula 409 in the handy spray. For big jobs like floors and walls — there’s Formula 409 in the economical half-gallon size. Pick up either size at your grocer’s this week and save 8 cents.

Formula 409 cleaner 1969

Messy cleaning job? Just spray and wipe with 409 (1974)

A young architect can create a breath-taking skyscraper and a tough cleaning problem at the same time. But Formula 409′ Spray Cleaner can clean up that problem with just a spray and a wipe.

That’s because 409 has a solvent system that removes most common soils and is especially effective on such stubborn soils as grease, fingerprints, pencil marks, old floor wax, catsup, peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, and oil. Just Spray and Wipe!

The pump sprayer on Formula 409’s 22-ounce bottle makes it fast and easy to apply. No dilution, no mixing, no water, and no rinsing. There’s no cleaner handier than 409 Spray.

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Formula 409 cleaner 1974 (2)

Formula 409 cleaner 1974 (1)

Formula 409: Stereotypical mom and dad Tv commercial (1974)

YouTube video

Vintage Formula 409 household cleaner hit supermarket shelves in the ’60s, and was one of the most popular household cleaning products during the 1970s and 1980s. See why people loved the stuff here!

Vintage 409 disinfectant bathroom cleaner (1975)

Spray and wipe bathtub and fixtures clean and shining. No scratchy grit!

Spray and wipe shower clean, free of mold and mildew. No rinsing needed!

Spray and wipe sink spotless. Foam away dirt, stains and soap scum. So easy!

Formula 409 (1975)

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409 gets my sink scouring powder clean. And then some. (1974)

Formula 409 Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner delivers scouring powder cleaning strength to almost every bathroom cleaning job. Yet 409 is a lot easier to use and leaves no scratchy grit.

With 409, you just spray and wipe and tough bathroom stains come clean. It works great on tile, fixtures, bathtub ring, every place you’d normally use scouring powder. Plus some places — like glass and chrome — where you wouldn’t.

You’ll like 409 because it disinfects, too. Kills germs on contact. Stops mil-dew up to seven days. 409 The easy way to get your bathroom scouring powder clean. The Clorox Company, 1974

Formula 409 bathroom cleaner (1975)

Formula 409 cleaner 1977

Formula 409 cleaner 1976

Before he was famous: Actor Kirk Cameron for Formula 409 (1981)

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YouTube video

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  1. I’ve been trying to find a commercial from the mid-late 1980s or early 1990s. It was (I think) a brand of paper towels with each side of the towel a different texture. The women in the commercial wore different outfit and did suggestive dancing according to which texture side they were using – soft (or smooth for wiping delicate surfaces/polishing) or rough (for scrubbing and tough cleanup). Soft-sided woman dressed romantically while Rough-sided woman wore more risqué, almost nightclub attire and danced extremely provocatively. Not sure if it was Bounty, Brawny, Viva, Scott, or other brand. I can find nothing about it. It did not air very long. Probably shocked too many people with the outrageousness of it.
    Then I thought, perhaps they were not paper towels, maybe it was Terry Towels or Handi Wipes. I cannot find ANYTHING about the existence of Terry Towels. Both Terry Towels and Handi Wipes were extremely similar reusable, disposable cleaning towels made by different companies. I think Terry Towels came out first. Handi Wipes still exist, but apparently I’m the only one that remembers Terry Towels.
    Anyone else remember (or can possibly find) anything about either of these things?

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