Vintage Mr Culver’s Sparklers stained glass air fresheners from the 1980s

See vintage Mr Culver's Sparklers stained glass air fresheners

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Back in the eighties, Mr Culver’s Sparklers stained glass air fresheners were room deodorizers that looked like little works of art.

You could simply hang one up in your window of choice, and a little bit of colored light would shine through, bringing a nice aroma along with it.

Vintage Mr Culver’s Sparklers air freshener – Tulip flowers (1981)

Imagine air fresheners that look as pretty as real stained glass yet keep every room in your home smelling like it was just washed with sunshine.

Hang up the Sparklers Owl for a Summer Greens fragrance that’s bright, breezy, spirited as a summer day.

Or choose the Sparklers Tulip with its delightful Floral Medley scent, a naturally-sunny blend of country flowers and rose petals.

The Sparklers Butterfly gives off a Woodlands bouquet that’s clean, green and invigorating as a breath of cool forest air.

Mr Culver’s Sparklers. What a beautiful way to freshen every room in your home.

The new air fresheners that look as beautiful as they smell

Tulip flowers - Mr Culver’s Sparklers stained glass air fresheners (1981)

Retro ’80s Mr Culver’s Sparklers air freshener – Owl (1981)

Vintage Owl - Mr Culver’s Sparklers stained glass air fresheners (1981)

Stained glass air fresheners in Christmas designs (1982)

From The News (Paterson, New Jersey) December 9, 1982

‘Tis the season for family gatherings, fun decorations and the wonderful aroma of holiday greens and winter spice.

Each holiday season, we traditionally decorate trees, doors, windows and even entertaining tables with the beauty of candles, and maybe flowers and greens.

But it’s not only decor that makes the season. Holiday fragrances are almost essential.

This season, a colorful stained glass design air freshener has entered the market. Called Mr. Culver’s Sparklers, these decorative air fresheners are made with slow-release fragrances in non-toxic plastic resins that freshen a room for weeks.

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The rich warm scent of cinnamon and spice, or the tingling smell of evergreens may permeate your home in the form of stained glass designs of either carolers or candles.

Hang the colorful air fresheners in windows, on the tree, on stair railings, in living rooms, dining areas and kitchen and bath. A special season deserves special treatment.

Here’s a holiday-designed air freshener which helps ensure the wonderful airs of the season right through the New Year.

Stained glass air fresheners in Christmas designs (1982)

Vintage Sparklers in new designs (1983)

Sparkler Air Fresheners bring outdoor freshness inside!

Mr Culver’s Sparkler Air Fresheners Brighten your room as you freshen it! Just hang it where air may surround it.

When the long-lasting fragrance becomes inactive, you can still use the Sparkler as a decorative hanging. Your choice of 3 colorful Sparkler designs!

Updated designs: Parrot, rose and forest/mushroom shape

Vintage Sparklers air fresheners parrot, rose forest-mushroom shapes (1983)

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Vintage Mr Culver’s Sparklers spray air fresheners (1984)

Introducing Mr Culver’s Sparklers Spray Air Fresheners. They look as beautiful as they smell.

Peel off the label of Mr Culver’s Sparklers Sprays, and discover air fresheners so decorative you can show them off in any room. Available in floral, powder and pine scents; so effective they’ll make your house smell outdoor-fresh.

Fragrances shown: Floral Medley, Spring Powder, Mountain Fresh

Alberto-Culver Co., Clinton, Ohio

Vintage Mr Culver's Sparklers spray air fresheners (1984)

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