When Anacin pain reliever was the cure for “Housewife Headache” from boredom & emotional fatigue

Anacin for Housewife Headache

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These old Anacin ads from the 60s said that making beds, getting meals and driving kids around — the same dull, tiresome work day after day — was ‘a mild form of torture.’ Their diagnosis? Housewife headache. (PS: They still make this medication! See it at Amazon here.)

Anacin: The “housewife headache” medicine (1969)

When nervous tension and fatigue bring on “Housewife headache”

The busy mother and homemaker has many repetitious tasks she must perform daily to make life pleasant for her family. And it’s understandable how tensions and fatigue can build up during the day and result in what is now known as ‘housewife’ headache.

For this type of headache, you need strong yet safe relief. So next time take Anacin. Anacin gives you 100% more of the strong pain-reliever doctors recommend most for headaches than the other leading extra-strength tablet…

Anacin housewife headache medicine (1969)

This even ad had a random tie-in: free personalized stationery. (For more like this, check out 30+ vintage freebies & mail-in offers for branded stuff you used to be able to get)

When boredom and emotional fatigue bring on “Housewife Headache” (1968-9)

Making beds, getting meals, acting as family chauffeur — having to do the same dull, tiresome work day after day — is a mild form of torture.

1968-Boredom and emotional fatigue bring on Housewife Headache

These boring yet necessary tasks can bring on nervous tension, fatigue and what is now known as “housewife headache.”

For this kind of headache, you need strong yet safe relief. So take Anacin. Anacin is a special fortified formula. It gives you twice as much of the strong pain-reliever doctors recommend most — as the other leading extra strength tablet.

Minutes after taking Anacin your headache goes, so does its nervous tension and fatigue. Despite its strength, Anacin is safe, taken as directed. It doesn’t leave you depressed or groggy.

See if you don’t feel better all over with a brighter outlook after taking 2 Anacin Tablets.


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