The vintage Roto-Broil 400 kitchen cooker made a king-size fiesta (1955)

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See two different versions of the Roto Broil 400 — once America’s favorite infra-red rotisseries — popular kitchen appliances from the ’50s!

A new kitchen appliance: Roto-Broil “400” — King-size Fiesta

Now, get free skillet deep fryer, plus serving wagon… all for less than the price of Roto-Broil alone! A $92.85 value — yours for just $59.95!

How would you like to place your holiday turkey in this beautiful Roto-Broil 400 King Size Fiesta — press a button… then take a nap, or do housework… and when you’ve finished, have your turkey done to perfection! Crisp and golden brown on the outside — tender and tasty on the inside, with all the outdoor goodness of a charcoal grill.

“The complete electric kitchen”

Roasts – Barbecues/Broils/Toasts – Broils – Fries – Grills

Have a King-size Fiesta with Roto-Broil 400 (1955)

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Roto-Broil 400 – Capri

Roto Broil 400 — always America’s favorite infra-red rotisseries, brings you the latest, most advanced model of all — the Roto-Broil 400 Capri!

Bigger, better, more streamlined in every way. Cooks faster with Roto Broil’s own Cal-Ray heating element.

You can cook a complete meal in one operation with this Capri. Make succulent steaks, chops, chickens — everything and anything — with that special delicious flavor of outdoor cooking. Smokeless! Odorless!

Roto Broil 400 Capri

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  1. How large a Turkey can be cooked in this Roto Broil 400 King Size Fiesta?

    Is it possible to purchase one of these (at today’s prices, of course)?

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