New parents, newborn babies of the ’40s

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Oct 22, 1945 new baby

Picture of a man looking into the future (1943)

Row upon row of bassinets — and a nurse holding up a baby. The baby!

But Dad sees more than a newborn son. He sees a long future stretching ahead… a future of companionship and fun… of kite flying… of camping trips… of electric trains… a thousand confidences to be shared.

Yes, being a father is a job — with a future. And that future is the most important thing in the world. In years to come, that little tot in the nurse’s arms will look toward you, depend on you — don’t let him down, Dad.

Today, just as it has been since the year 1875, The Prudential’s business is with the future — your family’s future, and that of some 8,000,000 other American families. Our job is to help make those tomorrows safe and secure — and to make today happier by giving you the peace of mind that wisely bought life insurance can bring.

Mom recovering from birth (1945)

Nestled in bed with her newborn baby — and Sailor dad is home from the war!

Mom recovering from birth (1945)

Mom and baby doing nicely now… thanks to a fungus! (1944)

Mom and baby doing nicely now... thanks to a fungus! (1944)

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