New! Portable typewriters with all the office typewriter features (1958)

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From Royal: A new kind of portable

The Futura is the first and only portable with ALL the practical features of a standard office typewriter!


New from Royal for Christmas: The Futura portable typewriter

Here it is — the first and only portable with all the hard-working advantages of the best standard office typewriter made! It’s Royal’s newest — and it’s here in time for Christmas giving.

Try the new FUTURA and see how smoothly and effortlessly you can type on Royal’s full standard keyboard with finger-flow keys and comfortable keyboard slope. And see how easily you can tailor the keyboard to your own touch by simply moving Royal’s Touch Control lever. Ribbon need changing? You do it in seconds with Twin-Pak, without touching the ribbon or smudging your fingers.

You set margins automatically with a flick of your finger on the Magic Margin lever. You set the foolproof, easy-to-use Royal Line Meter to show you how many lines are left at the bottom of your page. And when you want to tabulate columns of figures, you simply press the Magic Column Set key. Add to all this: one-piece, unitized construction . . . so rugged it can take all the pounding you can give it.

The new Royal FUTURA makes a very special Christmas gift for students and others who type at home (or in the office). Choose from four gay colors. Ask your Royal dealer for a demonstration — soon.

Also manufactured and sold in Canada.

A new Royal Portable can raise her marks up to 38%

It happens every day! Many so-called “slow students” learn to type and then show up on the honor roll.

Incredible? Not at all. Typing makes homework fun, actually encourages study, helps organize lessons, helps finish assignments faster.

Start them right with Royal! Twin-Pak, the quick-change, no-smudge ribbon… Magic Margin… extra light touch … that famous Royal ruggedness!

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These are just a few of the exclusives that make the 1958 Royal Portable the greatest portable that ever went to school — the all-time favorite of students.

Pay just pennies a day! You can buy a Royal Portable in any one of the 6 wonderful colors for only a few pennies a day, with up to two full years to pay. There’s nothing to keep you from giving your student a new Royal Portable — and a Royal send-off toward better grades — right now.

Convenience plus! Only the new Royal Portable gives you Twin-Pak ribbon. Changes instantly — no messy fingers.

Royal: World’s most wanted portable typewriter

A new Royal Portable can raise her marks up to 38%

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