The most popular 1970 dresses were a groovy blend of boldness & femininity

The most popular 1970 dresses - Vintage fashion at Click Americana

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The year 1970 marked the beginning of a new decade — and fashion was undergoing a significant transition. The styles of the 1960s were still prevalent, but designers were beginning to experiment with new shapes and materials, paving the way for the unique looks of the 1970s.

Dresses of the early 1970s were often characterized by flowing, feminine silhouettes, with the maxi dress trending — though everything from midis, minis, sweater dresses, peasant dresses, boho dresses and more were also on trend.

Fall and spring Simplicity dress styles from 1970

Bold colors and patterns were also popular, with floral and paisley prints being particularly favored. This was a time of experimentation, and dresses often featured unique design details like asymmetrical hemlines and unconventional cutouts. The influence of the hippie movement was also evident in fashion, with natural fabrics like cotton and linen being popular choices.

Overall, 1970 dresses were a reflection of the freedom and creativity of the era, as designers and consumers alike sought to break free from the constraints of previous decades. Have a look!

Mod minidress style from Kmart (1970)

Retro shift dresses for summertime 1970

The classic shift is perfect summertime fare. Hanging free from your shoulders the way it does, it never binds you around the midriff or waistline, lets you stay nicely cool in an unconstricted way.

These shifts, though classic in their outlook, are very current in their closer-to-the-body shapes, and are at their seasonal best now sewn in clear, precious jewel-toned fabrics.

8878: Short-sleeved shift with a V-shaped bodice insert that’s echoed in the hip flaps. Buttons point up these details. Long sleeve, sleeveless views are included, too.

8884: Princess-shaped shift. This is a Bonus Basic Pattern with a Bonus Chart on making a better-fitting princess dress. Misses’ 6-20.

Retro shift dresses for summertime 1970

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Vintage matching 1970 dresses and knit berets 

Body dressing… now in colors to match the new eye shadows: cocoa, wedgwood, mauve. Add an unserious hat that takes shape in more of the same soft shades, and the result is a freer, easier you. Shown: Cocoa Brown puffed-sleeve dress in Arnel Plus by The Market, $28. Lilac crochet beret by Christa.

Body dressing - Style tips for juniors from 1970

Left: Wedgwood blue cotton knit by Bryant 9, $16. Soft blue crochet beret by Happy Caps. Bonnie Doon hose.

Right: Dark mauve knit in 100% acrylic fibers by Garland, $16. Lilac crochet beret by Happy Caps. Chadbourn hose. Eye shadow on this page from The Custom Eye Collection by Revlon.

Vintage matching dresses and knit berets (1970)

1970 dresses – Summer highlights cool classics

8882: shapely shift with graceful darts for the new closer fit as well as bust darts and three necklines to choose from — jewel, bateau, or squared, and the choice of short sleeves or no sleeves. Misses’ 10-20. Women’s 40-44.

Another version of Simplicity 8884 (shown above) is seen here. These other size ranges have this pattern also: Young Jr./Teen (8885); Jr. Petite (8886); Miss Petite (8887); Half-Sizes (8889); Women’s (8888).

Vintage 1970 dress styles - Summer highlights cool classics

Sleeveless empire-waist dress with large-scale autumn leaf pattern (1970)

Sleeveless empire-waist dress with large-scale autumn leaf pattern (1970)

1970 dresses – Summer classics for juniors

1970s dresses - Summer classics for juniors

Groovy 1970 dresses: Striped, patterned & crochet

Groovy dresses from 1970

Trellis-print jersey dress with permanent pleats

Miss Arkin expresses a little contemporary calligraphy that imparts several fashion messages. Like the neat print. Fan-like pleats. Flying scarf fringe. And a feeling for soft. All in supple jersey of Du Pont nylon. A prerequisite for shape maintenance (without maintenance) and pleating that’s permanent.

Trellis print in black, white and mandarin red; 4-14, about $56. At Haggarty’s, Beverly Hills; Himelhoch Bros. & Co., Detroit; Lord & Taylor, New York and branches; B. Forman Co., Rochester; Maas Bros., Florida and all stores.

Trellis-print jersey dress with permanent pleats

Jewel-toned 1970 dresses: Yellow pineapple pattern

Dresses sewn in crisp, jewel-toned fabrics will be a joy this summer. Choose styles that open down the front that you step into.

8869: A line-up of buttons and loops closes this open-front dress. The whole thing is shaped to your body with snug raglan sleeves and lots of body darts. The pattern also includes a long-sleeved view with detachable collar and cuffs, a tunic-length with pants. Misses’ 8-18.

Jewel-toned dresses from 1970

8874: Dress with a hidden zipper that zips right up to the open-throated neckline. Pocket flaps echo the crisp, pointed collar. Misses’ 10-20.

1970 dresses for women that open down the front

Fashion loves dresses that open down the front now, and what could be better for easy summertime living! You can jump right into them and be off to your appointed rounds.

These four you step into and then zip up. Sew them in crisp, jewel-toned fabrics. That way you’ll sparkle in the sunlight and, since crisp fabrics are treated to wrinkle-shedding finishes these days, you’ll be confident that you’ll always be fresh to look at and that you’ll always keep your cool.

8873: triple bands of middy braid decorate this trim dress that zips right up into the high collar. A sleeveless mini view with pants is also included. Misses’ 8-18.

Blue and pink 1970s dresses for women

Simplicity dress pattern styles from 1970

8872: two of the five views from an open-front pattern. Additives include short sleeves, petal-shaped collar, pockets. Misses’ 10-20. 850. JIFFY’ Pattern. Simple-to-Sew.

8874: dress from Page 2. Misses’ 10-20. 85ct. JIFFY Pattern. Simple-to-Sew.

Simplicity dress pattern styles from 1970

Short-sleeved fly-front coatdress with half belted back (1970)

Short-sleeved fly-front coatdress with half belted back (1970)

Retro juniors knit sleeveless and short-sleeve 1970 dresses

Retro juniors knit sleeveless and short-sleeve dresses from 1970

Simplicity catalog fashion sewing  – Woman in a red dress (July 1970)

Jewel-toned dress with an open front and elasticized waistline. Designer fashion.

Simplicity catalog fashion sewing 1970 - Woman in a red dress

Geometric patterned yellow and white polyester dresses (1970)

Two fluid classics maintain their cool demeanor with bold geometric — one sashed at the waist, the other pleased to a dropped waist.

Geometric patterned yellow and white polyester dresses (1970)

Vintage 1970 dresses you could sew

Vintage 1970s dresses you could sew

Young & quaint peasant dresses from 1970

Add a pretty bit of quaintness to your wardrobe, now into spring. Sew a maxi or a mini peasant dress with neckline and full short sleeves held by elastic.

Choose a soft challis knit that’s swirling with geometric colors or blooming with bright flowers. Add lots of trim —rickrack, fancy ribbons, loopy braids — and an authentic touch via a velveteen bolero or a midriff in an eye-catching contrast.

9154: maxi (or mini) dress and bolero. The pattern includes pants, too. Misses’ 8-16. $1.00. JIFFY Pattern. Simple-to-Sew. 9164: mini (or maxi) dress. Misses’ 6-16. $1.00.

Young quaint party dresses from 1970

Boho fashion dresses from 1970 for juniors

Vintage mini dress fashions for juniors and teens from 1970 (1)

Vintage Betsey Johnson peasant dresses from 1970

The farmer’s daughter: She’s a natural. Likes things down-to-earth (any earth from Iowa to India). Keeps everything honest. 

The clothes she adds up, the face she strips down — to a dash of wind-whipped cheek color (Pink Transparent Color Glaze) and a ripe, earthy lipstick (Sweet Chocolate). Both are, naturally, hypoallergenic and fresh from Etherea.

Vintage Betsey Johnson peasant dresses (1970)

Old-fashioned patchwork peasant print long dress (1970)

Old-fashioned patchwork peasant print long dress (1970)

Embroidered boho peasant-style dresses from 1970

Vintage mini dress fashions for juniors and teens from 1970 (3)

Maxi dresses from 1970 were lovely & long

Body dressing… there’s no limit on lengths. The lowdown is the maximum. And mini, midi, or maxi, anything goes. Maxis have come into their own for day or night…a great anytime body dressing for any time you’re in that special mood. And maxis are a marvelous mood to be in.

This page: Navy and white horizontal stripe maxi buttons all the way up or down, whichever way you like it, by Whistlestop, $29. Navy and red Sandler shoes. Christa navy and white head ties. Archer “Champale” hose.

Maxi dresses were lovely and long in 1970

Vintage striped maxi dresses from 1970 for juniors

Left: Cotton knit maxi in striated browns with patch pockets and fold-down turtle neck, by Ellen Tracy, $24. Tan clogs with brown trim by Sbicca. Burgundy and tan Christa head ties. Archer “Bambi” hose.

Right: Cotton knit maxi with striated navy and white lines has an underwear neckline in a Wallace Beery mood, by Knitique, $28. Coach and Four patent sandals. Head ties by Benedict and Elegant. Archer “Champale” hose.

Vintage striped maxi dresses for juniors - Co-ed magazine (1970)

Vintage 1970s tiger-print shirtdress by Leo Narducci

Vintage 1970s tiger-print shirtdress by Leo Narducci

Patterned fall sweater dresses from 1970 (Mademoiselle)

Sweaters that slip below the knee are one of the great ways to go this fall. Stitch them — slim and simple in line — from the new knit fabrics that take as beautifully to print as a bolt of hand-screened silk. Contain it all with real or fake suede edging and a fringed suede sash.

Left: Chain-point dress has raglan sleeves, zips up back. Frank Olive plumed hat.

Right: Crewel-work-point knit has two suede pockets. We added a turban of matching fabric. Simplicity #9001. Charles Jourdan shoes; Hanes tights. Fabric: Printed wool and nylon knits by Julian Tomchin for American Silk. Suede by Janice Leather.

Patterned sweater dresses for fall 1970

Vintage 70s midi sweater dress styles for work

The midi has inspired some of the freshest thinking about dresses in several seasons. Designers have gone to many below-the-knee lengths, all called midi and mostly rendered in rich earth tones — brown, clay, rust, gray and burgundy.

Left: Fringed poncho dress in Orlon knit has a stand-up collar and long sleeves. By Kasper for Joan Leslie, $110. Comes with fringed poncho top (not shown). Umberto shoes with matching tights.

Center: Long, skinny, wool-knit sweater dress zips into a turtleneck. From Chester Now, $130. Snakeskin-and-metal-trimmed belt by Majelli; shiny Battani boots.

Right: Tucked-bodice, wool-knit midi dress buttons to below the waist. Boutique Donald Brooks, $100. Additives scar St. Laurent belt; Carel shoes with ribbed tights.

Vintage 70s sweater dress styles for work

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