Retro 80s school supplies you can still buy today: Back-to-school “Stranger Things” style

Featured - Retro 80s back to school supplies

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Nostalgic moments in Stranger Things: 80s school supplies edition

Thanks in no small part to the massive popularity of Netflix’s sci-fi horror hit slash nostalgia trap, Stranger Things, the 80s are back in a big way.

And as it turns out, kids can go back to school today much as kids did back then. Some of the most iconic 80s school supplies have been revitalized for a new generation (assuming they ever went away in the first place!). Jansport backpacks, Trapper Keepers, metal lunchboxes! Gen X school supplies that you can still buy today.

Here are some of our sentimental faves!

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  1. Trapper Keeper Binder
  2. Trapper Keeper Binder

    Remember leg warmers, bold colors, big hair, and oversized blazers? This original style (but brand new) Trapper Keeper keeps the 80s school supplies vibe alive. A silhouette of palm trees is enhanced by hot pink and purple – totally tubular!

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    10/02/2023 06:59 am GMT
  3. Jansport Superbreak Plus backpack... Eleven-style
  4. Jansport Superbreak Plus backpack... Eleven-style

    Eleven won’t be the only one rocking these bold stripes this back-to-school season! Jansport has outfitted a Superbreak Plus in this instantly recognizable pattern as a tribute to the fashion sense of one of our very favorite Stranger Things heroes. 

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  5. Lisa Frank's bright & bold 1200 sticker set
  6. Lisa Frank's bright & bold 1200 sticker set
    $9.95 ($1.00 / Count)

    Lisa Frank stickers haven't gone out of style since they first came in to style. They're as fun and motivating as ever!

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    10/02/2023 04:59 am GMT
  7. Star Wars metal lunchbox
  8. Star Wars metal lunchbox

    Just like our Stranger Things heroes, you will look like the ultimate nerdy-but-actually-cool Gen X kid carrying not just any retro metal lunch box, but a Star Wars metal lunch box.

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  9. Retro-style BIC 4 Color Ballpoint Pen
  10. Retro-style BIC 4 Color Ballpoint Pen

    Before we had smart phones and other Information Age wizardry, kids were totally impressed with the voodoo of these all-in-one 4-color pens. Turns out you can still capture that nostalgic magic today.

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    10/02/2023 05:39 am GMT
  11. Mr Sketch Scented Markers
  12. Mr Sketch Scented Markers

    Share your back-to-school nostalgia with the littles in your life! Mr Sketch chiseled, scented markers are still around and just as yummy-smelling as ever!

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    10/02/2023 04:35 am GMT
  13. Elmer's Rubber Cement
  14. Elmer's Rubber Cement

    With the advent of glue sticks, you don't see rubber cement on many school supplies lists these days, but yes -- you can still buy it! Gen X and older know what's up. Besides the fact that it smells so-bad-it's-good, rubber cement is that rare liquid adhesive that won't wrinkle the paper when it's applied -- plus it allows for easy repositioning.

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    10/02/2023 03:39 pm GMT
  15. Paper Mate Eraser Mate ballpoint pens
  16. Paper Mate Eraser Mate ballpoint pens

    Launching in 1979, when many Gen Xers were around middle school age, these erasable pens were basically magic. Never a perfect technology (and largely displaced by other options like Pilot's Frixion pens these days), the Eraser Mate brand persists, seemingly still useful for those of us trying to keep sharp with off-line crossword puzzles!

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    10/02/2023 01:14 pm GMT

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  1. I swear I’d never seen anything by Lisa Frank until the 90s.
    80s Trapper Keepers lacked the suprematism pazzaz of the 90s ones.

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