How to make a milk carton birdhouse the retro way

Vintage milk carton bird house craft

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Here’s a cute way to upcycle an old milk carton (or even a similar juice carton) into a cute birdhouse. See how you can build it with this craft idea from the 1960s!

Note: Although the kits for these cute 1960s-style birdhouses are no longer available, you can still make a similar version with a few extra supplies, for example, this adhesive-backed wood siding for the exterior of the house, and miniature dollhouse roof tiles or small corrugated metal sheets for the roof.

Vintage ’60s milk carton birdhouse craft (1964)

Fun to do … fun to bird-watch all summer long!

How to turn a Pure-Pak milk carton into a beautiful home for birds

How to make a milk carton bird house the retro way

It’s easy with a Pure-Pak Birdhouse Kit! A heavy plastic roof, adhesive-backed siding and complete instructions let you make it without special tools, paint or glue.

And in fifteen minutes — a family-size weatherproof birdhouse. Follow these simple ordering directions now, and have your birdhouse up in time for spring!

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DIY birdhouse craft

A one-half gallon Pure-Pak carton makes a safe and snug home for over ten species of birds — a gallon carton for even more.

Milk carton bird house craft project instructions (3)

Milk carton bird house craft project instructions (1)

The exterior of the bird house

(Cut holes as shown)

Milk carton bird house craft project instructions (2)

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