The new Camaro: No ordinary sportster (1970)

New Camaro – February 26th

We’ve never announced a a car at this time before.

But then nobody’s ever announced a car like this before.

camaro-ad-02-27-1970 (3)

Super Hugger.

If it were just an ordinary sportster, we might have introduced it at the ordinary time.

But we didn’t.

And as you can see, time was on our side.

Because we didn’t bother the with the simulated air scoops. Or any other put-ons that might put you off.

Instead, we took the time to build a whole new car from the ground up.

We started with a sleek new shape and a low road-hugging stance. So it hovers right down there with Corvette.

New Camaro. The Super Hugger.

See it. At your Chevrolet Sports Dept.

camaro-ad-02-27-1970 (2)

camaro-ad-02-27-1970 (1)

camaro-ad-02-27-1970 (4)





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