Remember these old McCormick-Schilling spice racks from the 60s?

McCormick spice rack from 1964

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Gourmet spices were beautiful and decorative on these vintage McCormick-Schilling spice racks — but they were practical, too.

Take a look back here, and see the Watkins version as well!

Every good cook has a hang up. Schillling Gourmet Spices. (1970)

A seasoned cook hangs her reputation on Schilling Gourmet Herbs and Spices. What’s more, she flaunts it with row on row of show-off decanter bottles.

Explore the romance of rosemary with lamb, basil with tomato, curry with chicken. Marvel at the mystery of saffron with rice, or cardamom in a cake? Get the idea?

Schilling Gourmet Spices spice rack (1970)

McCormick-Schilling spices: Why can’t they stay put? (1964)

What McCormick-Schilling Gourmet Spices do to and for foods is so intriguing, it’s no wonder they’re always in use!

Sure they’re beautiful, decorative on the spice rack — but they’re practical, too. Find out for yourself. As a start, try 24 of the world’s finest spices. (There are 72 more.)

Get an antiqued finish spice rack! Details in recipe folder at your store’s McCormick-Schilling Gourmet Spice Department.

McCormick in the East / Schilling in the West

Old McCormick-Schilling spice racks from the 60s

Spices shown:

Black pepper
Poultry seasoning
Minced onion
Charcoal seasoning
Curry powder
Fancy cloves
Ground mustard
Parsley flakes
Cayenne pepper
Stick cinnamon
Garlic salt
Bell pepper flakes
Bay leaves
Red pepper

Watkins Gourmet spices & herbs on a vintage wooden spice rack (1961)

Watkins offers all the species and herbs that even the most discriminating cook demands. The uniquely designed containers will grace any kitchen.

The graceful racks, available from your Watkins dealers, are designed to nest as shown, so you can start with one set of 8 and build up your complete assortment. 

Watkins Gourmet spices and herbs on a spice rack (1961)

Dozens of kitschy '70s kitchen accessories your mom or grandma probably used to have

Gourmet spices from McCormick-Schilling (1961)

Spices and seasonings covering your every need… To match their excellence, one of America’s leading packaging experts created the containers.

Exotic in design, accenting the shapes and colors of their contents, they add an unusual distinctive decorative note to the home spice shelf and to the dining table. 

Gourmet spices from McCormick-Schilling (1961)

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  1. My parents had one of those McCormick spice racks with the same spices, right down to the teal labels. Funny thing is, no one ever used those spices, so they were all well past their sell-by date. They got rid of it in the 1980s when they remodeled the kitchen to accommodate one of those newfangled microwave ovens…

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