The heavy-duty Ford Trucks from 1961

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New 1961 Ford Trucks: Economy never came in such a choice

619 new models! It’s the biggest changeover in Ford history with more trucks to match more jobs, more savings on any job! New “Big Six” power for two-tonners!

New Super Duty Diesel Tilts with the nation’s most popular diesel engines! Suspensions that give up to twice the tire life of other types! New Econoline models that pack more load in three feet less truck length! New engines that deliver up to 40% more gas mileage! And all this at prices that give you a flying start to long-term savings!

So for super-economy pickups all the way up to super-duty diesels, see your Ford Dealer . . . economy never came in such a choice!

New Ford: Economy never came in such a choice

New Ford: Economy never came in such a choice

’61 Ford Super Duty Trucks

Now, durability with dollars behind it . . . the most liberal gasoline warranty ever offered! On 401-, 477- and 534-cu. in. engines, Ford dealers will replace every major engine part, including block, head, crankshaft, bearings, pistons, rings found to be defective in material or workmanship, providing trucks are used in normal on-highway service.

Warranty covers full cost of replacement parts for 100.000 miles or 24 months, whichever occurs first; full labor costs for first year or 50,000 miles, sliding percentage scale thereafter.

LIFE Feb 24, 1961 Ford Trucks

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In addition, an extended warranty covers the entire truck and is issued for all 1961 Ford Trucks. Each part, except tires and tubes, is now warranted by your dealer against defects in material and workmanship for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. The warranty does not apply, of course, to normal maintenance service or to the replacement in normal maintenance of parts such as filters, spark plugs, and ignition points.

Never before have you had such protection for your truck investment; never could you be so confident of long-range economy!

'61 Ford Super Duty Trucks

Any size Ford truck for 1961

Now! Over 600 new models from super-economy pickups to diesel tractors! Economy never came in such a choice.

No doubt about it, Ford’s design leadership makes the big news in trucks this year — and you make the big savings!

What kind of savings? Savings on price-from America’s lowest-priced half-tonners to gas- or diesel-powered tilt-cab tractors. Savings on gas-with new economy engines that deliver up to 30% more miles per gallon.

Savings on tires — thanks to new, softer riding truck suspensions that keep the wheels tracking true. Savings you can see — they’re certified by independent tests. See the certified economy reports at your Ford Dealer’s now!

New Econoline — all-the-way new, it’s the lowest priced half-tonner you can buy*. Can get as much as 30% better gasoline mileage than conventional half-tonners, provides space and weight savings of cab-forward design. Big 7-foot box, Also available: Econoline Van, Station Bus Models.

New “Big Six” gives you the rugged simplicity of an engine designed exclusively for truck service. In a 40,000-mile test it required far fewer service adjustments than its main competitor. This 262-cu. in. Six is one of 4 engines available in Ford 2-tonners that feature stronger frames, new smoother ride, sturdier cab.

FORD DIVISION. Ford Motor Company

Any size Ford

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