See the ’69 Chevy pickups: Fleetsides, Stepsides, Longhorns & campers, all with Chevrolet’s bold front-end design

69 Chevy pickups Fleetsides, Stepsides, Longhorns

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1969 Chevrolet pickups

With a bold new stance and a bright new outlook on work

Here’s a quick preview of the trucks you’re going to see a lot more of in the months ahead — Chevrolet’s 1969 fleet of pickups, light-duty chassis-cabs and 4-wheel drive models.

Fleetsides, Stepsides, campers… all with the bold new front-end design that promises uncompromising performance and durability to truck owners.

Inside you’ll find the details. You’ll see why Chevy’s double-strong construction adds to truck life. How work-proved independent front suspension and coil springs provide a road-balanced ride no other trucks can match. What new job-tailored power teams can mean to improved truck performance.

And you’ll see how Chevrolet has brightened up truck appearance and comfort with a host of new trim and comfort items both inside the cab and out. All in all, it adds up to another great year for truck buyers, how ever you use your truck.

’69 Chevy Fleetside isn’t just the best-looking pickup on the road

You see more and more Chevy pickups in the most unexpected places these days. And why not! They’re styled to look well in any surroundings.

We give Chevy pickups strength without the trucky muscle-bound look… stamina without useless bulk. Pure workpower.

And you’ll find a Chevy a pleasure to drive whatever the purpose. Let’s say you select a CST (Custom Sport Truck) … or a long wheelbase Longhorn pickup that’s made especially for king-size camper bodies. Just add things like air conditioning and bucket seats, and you have more luxury than the average second car. Chevy pickups are not only wife-approved. They’re favored by the whole family.

Let your Chevrolet dealer tell you all about the smooth ride, the long-lasting toughness and particularly the low cost of a new Chevy pickup. After all, good looks aren’t everything!Mar 7, 1969 Chevy Fleetside pickup

’69 Chevy pickups: Optional radio, air conditioning, power brakes, armrest, tachometer, power steering

Optional equipment included in the ’69 Chevrolet Truck Data Book

Inside the 1969 Chevy pickup truck - Radio accessories dashboard

’69 Chevy pickups: Try the pickup ride that’s got the others all shook up.

Chevrolet pickups are designed and built to shake up the competition. Not you.

First, every one gets a fully independent front suspension with modern ball joints. So each wheel can soak up road shock without passing it along to another part of the vehicle. Or along to you.

Then of all the popular pickups, only Chevies get deep-coil springs at all four wheels on most models. Up front, teamed with double-acting shocks that really know how to smother vibrations. In back, two-stage coils for a softer ride when empty, firmer support when loaded — computer-refined for smoothness.

And you get these suspension advantages at prices as easy to take as the ride.

To get the complete lowdown on a Chevy pickup ride, take one today…


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Sure, a ’69 Chevy pickup is better looking and easier riding. Want to make something of it?

Like a camper… or a work truck… or a 2nd car?

Go ahead. It’s game for anything.

Camping, for instance. There’s a model to tote most any size camper.

Even those cottage-like 12-footers with Chevy’s Longhorn. Reason is: Longhorn has an extra long wheelbase. And extra big 8 1/2-ft box.

Hard work is right up Chevy’s alley, too. There’s enough power to out-muscle most any job. Six or V8 power.

And such things as double-steel construction will keep Chevies on the job longer.

For second car uses, Chevies offer first car comforts. Like: thick foam seats. And a smooth car-like ride. Plus extras that run the gamut from power steering to plush feet-pleasing carpets.

So you see, Chevy pickups come any way you like. See for yourself. Make it down to your Chevrolet dealer’s, soon…

Chevy pickup 1969

Here! New ’69 Chevrolet pickups!69 Chevy pickup truck with camper shell

Chevrolet's 17 different station wagons for 1973

Half-ton Fleetside CST: ’69 Chevy pickup is built to be womanhandled

Don’t get us wrong. Mankind’s favorite truck is as tough as ever. It’s got double-wall steel in all the vital areas. More power than any other popular pickup. And a rugged frame underneath.

But the ’69 Chevy has womankind in mind, too. There’s the smooth full coil spring ride, for example. And soft molded foam seats. Plus all the extras you can order, from power steering to air conditioning. It’s enough to make the grade with any gal — or any guy — who works, or camps, in a truck.

The ’69 Chevy pickup is a lot more truck for a lot more people. As you and your spouse will agree, when you visit your Chevrolet dealer’s.

Red 1969 Chevy Pickup - Womanhandled

… and at the lake, too

Vintage red 69 Chevy Pickup truck

Compare a ’69 Chevy pickup’s styling, ride, toughness and economy? With what?

Let’s say you’re about to buy a new pickup for business, recreation or both. For years, more people have compared makes and then decided to buy a Chevrolet.

They look at Chevy styling. Boldly handsome for ’69. But without that beast-of-burden look that’s still around, even today.

Then there’s ride. Only Chevrolet, of the popular pickups, has road-smoothing Independent Front Suspension with work-designed coil springs plus rear coils on most models.

Don’t expect to find the toughness of Chevrolet’s full-depth, double-wall Fleetside cargo box in just any pickup. There’s double-wall strength in Chevy cabs, too.

Chevy has the lowest priced pickup with 8-ft. box of any popular make you can buy. And efficient Chevrolet engines that use regular grade gas extend those savings throughout the longer life of a Chevy pickup.

Like most pickup owners, you’ll find that the only pickup to compare with a Chevy is another Chevy pickup. So you have just one stop to make: Your Chevrolet dealer’s.

Vintage 69 Chevy pickup on the beach with camper shell

A ’69 Chevy pickup is built to do more, day in, day out, day off!

Double-duty. Double-strong. That’s the combination more people are looking for — and finding in Chevrolet pickups.

Of all the popular pickups, only Chevy Fleetside has full double-walls of steel in the cargo box. Same kind of double-strong build in the cab, too. And underneath it all is a tough truck frame.

We put a lot of muscle in our Independent Front Suspension with coil springs, too. But the ride comes out smooth and gentle.

inner strength makes a Chevy truck last longer. It’s a matter of record. Yet in pricing out a Chevy pickup, you’ll find that our Fleetside with 8-foot body is the lowest priced popular pickup you can buy. Check and see!

For work-a-day world, holiday outing or both, the pickup for you is at your Chevrolet dealer. Wait no longer…

Vintage 1969 Chevy pickup

More trucks are Chevrolets because Chevrolet is more truck!

’68 Chevrolets! Shown: Half-ton Fleetside CST Pickup – Series 60 Chassis Cab with Van Trailer

Vintage Chevrolet pickup truck for 1969

Your first thought is that Chevy is a good-looking pickup. Here are some second thoughts.

Camper – Work truck – Second car – Hobby hauler

Hobby hauler? Sure. Chevy is great for rock hounding. Or for hauling almost anything you collect.

The point is: A Chevy pickup is one versatile vehicle. More practical than a second car. Game for anything you are.

Chevrolet pickup trucks 1969

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