3 lively cars from Ford: Galaxie, Fairlane & Futura (1962)

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New Galaxie 500/XL

Start this one and you really start something. Available with a 405-hp. Thunderbird V-8, coupled to a 4-speed stick shift, the XL will outperform America’s most expensive cars.

Standard features include all-new bucket seats with a Thunderbird-styled console in between. Among the other items is the most sophisticated automatic transmission of them all — Cruise-O-Matic.

Being a Galaxie, the XL needs service only twice a year, or every 6,000 miles — that means lots more time for the lively life. Hardtop or Convertible. Definitely not for pedestrian tastes!


New Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe

Don’t flirt with this one unless you mean it. It’s got sporty new bucket seats with a console in between and a live-it-up, all-new Challenger 260 V-8 that hates to go home.

The world’s happiest combination, Fairlane offers compact car handling, economy and low price — yet its big-car room, ride and performance definitely take it out of the compact class. Service it only twice a year. or every 6.000 miles.

Meet the new Fairlane Sports Coupe — and all the lively ones — at your Ford Dealer’s, the liveliest spot in town!


New Falcon Sports Futura

Here’s a hot new number from the compact leader. The tempo starts fast with bucket seats, a console in between, carpeting and an optional 4-speed stick shift. . . hits a new high note with a stylish new Thunderbird roof (vinyl-covered if you want)… then goes into the lively melody of an optional 170 Special Six.

Economy with a flair is the Sports Futura idea: more gas savings . . . 6,000 miles between oil changes . . . and a price below many standard compacts. For those who won’t take “dull” for an answer.

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