These shoes were made for walkin’: Retro ’60s shoes for women from the 1968 Wards catalog

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Shoes for women from the 1968 Wards catalog

See some of the most stylish retro ’60s shoes for women from ’68

The “pretty girl” look is “in” this season — “in” in moppet curls, lave and ruffles, tiny waists, flower-printed voiles and chiffons, wide, wide belts at the natural waistline, pastel hosiery, and, last, but certainly not least, “in” in footwear.

Bows, flowers, rhinestones, buckles, straps and a wide array of colors adorn shoes for the spring and summer seasons, along with ruching, heading, starchy ruffles and “UFOs”, I. Miller’s toe baubles. And don’t omit those broad, chunky heels.

One new look for spring and summer is the low-cut throat that makes a vamp all but disappear, giving the foot a smaller-than-small look. Other fashion scoops: the ones that make a shoe a shell, the ones that separate a shoe into two pieces and leave the mid-section bare to be filled in with summer tan or colored stocking.

Retro '60s shoes for women from the 1968 Wards catalog (3)

Higher heels

Heels are inching up, with more and more two-inch heights reported and, some that go as high as two-and-a-half inches. But always, the look is a heel that is broad and squarish, that makes a leg look touchingly vulnerable, adorable, young.

New renditions of heels include Julianelli’s “Porthole” heel, Palizzio’s “Ransom” heel paved with rhinestones, Margaret Jerrold’s new high heel (but nevertheless sturdy and broad), Evins’ octagon, Palizzio’s “Necklace” (a contoured heel whose shoe wears a rhinestone collar) and Erica’s shaped wedge. Other heel styles are I. Miller’s gaily striped column heel pump in white patent leather. The throatline is piped in red to match the stripes on the round heel. The designer also features round heels on bejeweled patent sandals for evening. The heels are jeweled to match. Herbert Levine’s newest version of his famous clear heel is a cluster of sculptured lucite on a patent pump.

Retro '60s shoes for women from the 1968 Wards catalog (1)


Chunky heels will also be seen on sandals. Levine creates summer shadows with alternating straps of brown and white patent to form an open sandal for the carefree season. A one- inch block heel accents a St. Tropes shoe by Revelations designed on a platform with strategically placed straps that add airiness. The sandal will be seen everywhere this season.

Try one for the city with its toe and heel bared and everything between covered anklebone high in velvety suede. Or how about a T-strap that sheathes its toe in gunmetal kid and goes bare-backed into town?

For offices, they could be cover-ups of kid, riddled with openings and meant to be worn with bright stockings. Other sandal ideas: a clear vinyl stripped with black kid, an orange patent sling-back with silver toe and green wafer sole. For country wear, new forms are added: the Ganymede sandal, all horizontal bands on a flat sole with broad straps running up the Shinbone and another strap braceleting the calf; or the gladiator sandal, same thing but rising to the knee, or the shiny look of aluminum bands around the ankle, joined with links of brass.

Retro '60s shoes for women from the 1968 Wards catalog (2)

One of the newest looks for spring is I. Miller’s revolutionary follow — the toe-line black patent pump with an asymmetric strap sweeping across the instep and buckling to one side. The new silhouette gives the foot a baby doll look. Bally for Joyce Christopher designs a crepe de chine pump for ‘”‘black tie” evenings with a newly squared toe and dramatic glitter buckle.

This season, when the whole idea is to be ultra feminine, toe decorations on shoes are yummy. Shoes are frilled with bows, ruffles, ruching, ribbons, painted flowers; iced with beading or starchy ruffles; glittered with halters of jewels. One curvy patent pump, by I. Miller, shelters its toe under an enormous jungle bloom done in layers of ringers leather, the whole thing pulsing with color.

Fashion won’t neglect the shoe that goes where the action !s, shoes that teens tag “monster” shoes. These could be oxfords, staunch straps, loafers, shoe-boots, shoes with heavy soles, saddle stitching or extra-wide toes.

Shoes for women from the 1968 Wards catalog

Retro shoes for women from the 1968 Wards catalog

Click on any image below to see a larger version, and to browse this whole section of high heels, sandals, slings, pumps, boots, flats, tennies and other shoes for women from the 1968 Wards catalog!

Southern Illinoisan (Carbondale, Illinois) July 21, 1968

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