Happy holiday hairstyles of the ’60s (1968)

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Happy holiday hairstyles of the '60s (1968)

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Happy holiday hairstyles of the '60s (1968)

Christmas coifs are catching the season’s sparkle. Make your repertoire merrier with sleight-of-hairpiece magic to create different looks for the big events ahead.

You can add to your own locks, or hide them completely.

For romance, try pin-on tendrils, love-locks, and Emily Bronte ringlets. For a change of color, cut or curve, wear a wig that’s charmed with stretch or curl.

Do a switch by rolling a long one into a wide-mesh snood. Or tuck thick clusters of curls at the back of your pretty head.

Just toss your curls and shine… easily done if your wardrobe includes a gleaming trove of these head-turning tresses.

Christmas hairstyles - Fashion from Seventeen - December 1968

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Shiny curls

Christmas hairstyles - Fashion from Seventeen - December 1968

Design happy Christmas hairdos

If the candles on your mantel and the angel that tops the tree are your prettiest Christmas decorations, you’ll miss a lot of holiday fun.

The most decorative item in your home during this festival season should be you.

There’s not a woman worthy of the name who doesn’t delight in being the belle of the ball But unless you’re a Sophia Loren, you can’t make the grade with a slap-dash approach. It takes imagination and planning to decorate yourself a little differently.

But when your husband does a double-take, the kids gape in admiration and at your own party the male guests serve you, you will know it was worth the effort.

If you don’t ordinarily use a high-gloss lipstick, try one for a different look for the holidays. Try a new length of lashes, a special Christmas hairdo — or all three.

Softness is the key to the season’s hairstyles. Hair may be upswept or left to fall — but always softly.

“Even with the increasing use of elegance in hairstyling, was are retaining a good deal of the natural look,” claims one stylist at a well-known New York salon. “Severity has never been further from the fashion fore.”

Updos are woven loosely into loops or curls. Every woman should learn the magic of letting a few wisps or tendrils escape at the sides.

Have a Christmas ball with little colored ornaments meant for the tree-but such perfect decorations for you. Tiny ornaments may accent a curl, form a headband or dangle from clips as homemade earrings.

Long hair is romantically right for the party season. Little-girl banana curls, updated, are a favorite among fashion models.

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Hairpieces should complement, not cover, your own crowning glory. Some models like to attach a tendril to the side. Others use the fakery to add thickness to their natural style, and there are still others who like take curls only at the nape.

The secret of holiday hair — really the secret of any season — is freshly shampooed tresses, the right selection of setting aids, a firm, neat set, and a little imagination.

And that means experiment now so that your holiday handicraft won’t be left to chance.

Try for star billing as the prettiest Christmas ornament in your home.

Christmas hairstyle on model-actress Susan Dey

This picture of Susan Dey was taken in 1968, when she was a popular 15-year old model. It wouldn’t be until 1970 that her career as an actress would take off, when she got a starring role in The Partridge Family.

Christmas hairstyles - Fashion from Seventeen December 1968 - Susan Dey

Christmas hairstyles - Fashion from Seventeen - December 1968

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